A Piece of Cake

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Synopsis When Big is building his latest invention, a Sunshine Catcher, he loses the doohickey that is integral to the machine's operation. He sinks into a deep funk and lay on his bed fiddling with the pieces of a puzzle. Unknown to Big, Small had put the doohickey into his collecting bag of bright, shining objects, totally unaware that it was the actual, important doohickey. Small endeavours to cheer up Big by trying hugs and pulling funny faces and doing some cool dancing... nothing works. Small then hits on the idea of making Big a cheer-up cake. He's sure that will work. When the cake is baked and iced Small thinks it needs a finishing touch: and he uses the shining doohickey from his collection. When Big sees the cake he sees the missing item and leaps happily from the bed. Result! Will Small's cool dancing cheer up Big?

Directed by Wayne Moss  

Starring Todd Doldersum, Lenny Henry, Jason Hopley, Jamie Shannon, Imelda Staunton

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