Being Human

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Drama//Horror/Comedy, UK, 2008, 60 min.

Tagline Meet Mitchell, George and Annie. Flatmates by day - undead by night.

Synopsis Basically there's a werewolf and a vampire that team up, moving together in order to watch each others backs. What they don't know is that their new apartment already has another tenant. Enter Annie the ghost! The trio undergo several tests of daily life, intensified by the fact of their nightly un-lives. Enjoy!Warning! Re-cast!Pilot:The werewolf is a nevrotic, depressed guy, just about "to give up on life" (yeah, right; still dreams of being human again...) and the actor has both the skills and the looks to show the part in a gesture.The vampire is a thin-limbed guy who's completely given up on life, but is still pulled by cravings and pushed by the fact he can't die just like that, so he might as well make living worth his while. He'll make you think "Right. That's what a vampire looks like." and feel like no other vampire wanna-be is ever gonna seem "real" again.The ghost is a very ordinary looking girl easily relateable to, not appearing the least bit dangerous or sneaky. She seems very frigthened of something, and reacts by putting on a cheery attitude and distracting herself with trivialities. The actor shows it, with a depth.The roles mesh well, and there's definitely chemistry between the actors.Episode 1.1:The werewolf is the same, and pretty good at that.The vampire is a beefy, wanna-be werewolf from Iraq. No resemblance to the character himself. The actor does not have the looks. He moves the muscles around his mouth like he's about to growl all the time! Not vampire! Werewolf! The actor doesn't have a clue what the difference between werewolf and vampire is, and those that don't are best left without such roles or in the role most resembling their idea.The ghost is suddenly this dark, gloomy, sneaky lady that might be turn dangerous at a moments notice. The actor doesn't seem to understand half her lines as well as she should, and the other half is merely slung out on an afterthought. The effect makes the ghost sound like a gloomy parody. The lines do NOT fit that tone of voice! Scriptwriter, you're needed!The roles look like they're from different TV-series entirely, and the chemistry is sorely lacking!

Directed by Kenneth Glenaan, Alex Pillai, Toby Haynes, Colin Teague, Philip John, Charles Martin, Daniel O'Hara, Declan O'Dwyer  

Starring Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Sinead Keenan, Michael Socha, more...

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