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Drama, 2005, 42 min.

Synopsis School mess seating arrangements show Nicky is uneasy with Sophie around his snob friends, just when hers realize their relationship could be the way into the BP circle. Nicky's dad, publisher Julian Fiske, is the school project sponsor. He tells the class to divide in two competing groups, to publish each a magazine for Brighton Academy and advertisers. CEOs are Nicky and, vindictively, Sophie. Nicky recruits as model Karen, who discovers Evan is a plumber's son and reputed womanizer. Gideon is so eager to beat the BP that he ignores Sophie's warning not to abuse Nicky's confidence he aspires a writing career.

Directed by Ken Girotti  

Starring Daphne Zuniga, Sarah Foret, Torrey DeVitto, Jackson Rathbone, Ricky Mabe, more...

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