Beach Ball

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Comedy/Musical, USA, 1965, 83 min.

Tagline Nothing bounces like...

Synopsis Dick Martin, manager of the musical group The Wigglers (Bango, Jack, and Bob), is notified by Mr. Wolf that the group owes him $1,000 for their instruments. To obtain the payment demanded, Dick tells Susan, credit union manager of the college they attend, that he needs a sum to continue his research in African tribal rhythms. In fact, he and The Wigglers have dropped out of school and are enjoying life among the surfers and hot rodders at Malibu. Susan and finance committee members Augusta, Samantha, and Deborah decide to deliver the money in person; but upon arriving at the beach, they learn that they have been duped and tear up the check. The four women then don bikinis and join the party in progress in hopes of persuading the men to return to school. Mr. Wolf, frustrated in his attempts to collect the money or repossess the instruments, summons the police; but the musicians evade them by appearing at the "Hot Rod and Musical Show" dressed in women's clothes. The group wins first prize in the competition, and the musicians pay their debts and return to college having won the affections of the four financiers.

Directed by Lennie Weinrib  

Starring Edd Byrnes, Chris Noel, Robert Logan, Aron Kincaid, Mikki Jamison, more...

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