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Directed by
Daniel Haller

Glen A. Larson

Produced by
Donald P. Bellisario
Glen A. Larson
David J. O'Connell
David G. Phinney
Gary Winter

Original Music by
Stu Phillips

Ben Colman

Richard Hatch Capt. Apollo
Dirk Benedict Lt. Starbuck
Lorne Greene Commander Adama
Herb Jefferson Jr. Lt. Boomer
John Colicos Baltar
Maren Jensen Athena
Noah Hathaway Boxey
Laurette Spang Cassiopeia
Tony Swartz Flight Sgt. Jolly
Anne Lockhart Sheba
Terry Carter Col. Tigh
John Williams Sire Montrose
George Murdock Dr. Salik
Janet Julian Lt. Brie
Jack Stauffer Captain Bojay
Ed Begley Jr. Flight Sgt. Greenbean
Patrick Macnee Count Iblis
John Dullaghan Dr. Wilker
Kirk Alyn Old Man
Paula Victor Old Woman
Sarah Rush Flight Cpl. Rigel
Paul Coufos 1st Pilot
Chip Johnson 3rd Pilot
Bruce Wright Guard
Leann Hunley Girl Warrior
David Greenan Omega
Olan Soule Carmichael
Norman Stuart 2nd Statesman
Jonathan Harris Lucifer
Felix Silla Lucifer

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