What's Wrong with Norman

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013

Synopsis "Bates Motel" - "What's Wrong With Norman" - April 1, 2013Dylan points a gun at himself in the hallway mirror, practicing his bad guy stances.He then joins Norma and Norman at breakfast and calls them Mr. and Mrs. Bates. She asks for his help in signing for the new carpet and he says he has job, doing nothing, and takes off.Emma tearfully tells Norman at school that she feels guilty that she asked him to go look for the grave of the dead girl since it was just an excuse to hang out with him and she's worried about the guys with guns. He asks her for the journal but claims he's not obsessed with it. He goes to class, he stares at his test paper but sees the journal. The teacher is worried he's flunking the test on stuff he knows. As she talks to him he envisions her bound and gagged. He is catatonic and then collapses.Norma arrives in the ER worried as they run a battery of tests to figure out why he blacked out. The doc asks if he's ever blacked out before and she says no but is clearly lying.Dylan heads off to the woods with his new job colleague/partner in crime. They camouflage their truck. Dylan asks if this is where they shot "Deliverance," his partner isn't familiar. They arrive at the pot field. They meet up with the guys with guns who pretend draw their guns. They call Dylan the "newb." Apparently, there's $5 million worth of pot and it's their job to guard it, for $300 a day.Norma and Norman wait in the hospital. She gets the call for the carpet at the hospital. He tells her to go, she does. Just as Bradley arrives with flowers, saying "tag, your it." She thanks him for coming when her father was in the hospital. She calls him brave, says no one else came, and says she's returning the favor. Turns out her dad is in a medically-induced coma and doesn't think he was going to make it She asks after his dad and he says he died in an accident. She asks to stay awhile and he says sure and invites her to watch the bad old movie he's watching. He likes old movies, he says everyone seems better in them. She sits with him on the bed. She says she just wants to be happy.Norma goes and meets the carpet guy who has carpet for five units and she only ordered four. Just then the sheriff shows up with a search warrant and starts searching her house. She goes back to the hospital. The doc says the tests all came back negative. The doc wants to keep him overnight for observation. She takes Norman against medical advice and tells him about the cops. They worry if they found anything, but she says there's nothing to find, very nervously. He's worried about the stuff under his bed, the flashlight and such. It turns out it was Keith, the dead guy's belt.They arrive home and Norman hurries upstairs and looks under his bed and it's gone. He sits by his bed and tearfully mutters to himself "What's wrong with me?"He comes down and admits that kept Keith's belt after they loaded his body into the car. He says it's gone since the police came. She asks why he would want to keep it. He says he doesn't know. She goes into strategy mode.Out in the woods Dylan wonders if they can smoke it. His buddy says not on the job. Dylan asks if the people in town get suspicious and is told this is what's keeping the town alive and that several families own it and to stop asking questions. He also says Jerry, Bradley's dad, is a midlevel manager in the operation and they thought he tipped someone off so they set him on fire to send a message. They crack beers but then hear a noise and grab their guns. It's just a bird. Dylan goes after it.Emma shows up at the Bates home. She says they need to talk. She wants to press the issue on the grave they saw and if they forget about her it will be like her life didn't matter. She shows him some phrases in the journal. They go to room 4 where he found it to look for more clues. She thinks Keith was the human trafficker. Norman is distracted by a text message from Bradley checking up on him. Emma looks at the pipe and sees a Chinese symbol, meaning the girl was chained to that pipe and was, in fact, real.Norma catches up to her deputy friend and asks him about the "harassment" by the sheriff over nothing. She says it's not like they found anything, in a leading manner. He says he's on duty but they should talk later over dinner at his place. He tells her not to worry and that everything is going to be okay.She tells Norman that she's going over there because he knows about the toolbelt. She heads over, all dolled up with lots of cleavage. They have a drink on the couch. She asks what the deal is. He asks her about the belt. She says "what belt?" He tells her not to do that and if they're going to "do this" and "help each other." She gets tearful and says Romero has it out for her. He tells her he took it and Romero doesn't know. He says Keith was a bully with a temper but noticed that Norma has one too. He notices a scar and asks what happened. She says it was a childhood accident. He asks if what happened to Keith was an accident and then asks if Norman killed him. She says no. He appeals to her saying he knows she's spent her life carrying the burdens of others but now he's going to take care of her an everything is going to be fine. He adds that she is so beautiful it makes his heart hurt. They start making out.Dylan and his buddy cook up the pheasant they shot. Dylan talks about his nomadic past, his mom, and Norman, and explains they're not close. He seems pained by the realization.Norman watches another old movie. Dylan comes home, shuts off the TV and tells Norman to stop calling Norma "Mother." He cuts off Norman's hospital bracelet. Norman explains their mother is out and he's getting worried and is waiting up. Dylan tells him he needs to get out more and that Norma is smothering him and he needs some perspective. Norman seems to appreciate this. He then pretends to forget that he came after Dylan with a meat tenderizer. They laugh a little bit of how screwed up their family is. Norman apologizes for "trying to kill him." Dylan says no worries.Norma finally comes home. She goes to Norman and tells him that Deputy Zack hid the belt and want to help them. She tells him not to worry. Norman thinks it's a bad idea and let Zack "use" her. She says there are no other options. She asks why he kept the belt. He says she knows he likes to keep mementos, but she says those were of good experiences, why would he want one of when his mother was sexually assaulted, killed a man and then dumped a body? He simply apologizes. She kisses and hugs him and says she's here for him. This seems to soothe him.The next day he chats with Bradley at school. Emma asks to talk to him. She has translated the Chinese character, it means "beautiful." She wants to go to the police with the journal. He gets angry and says not to do that and says that the girl will still be dead, Emma will still be sick, and he'll still be who he is and it will be bad for him to be messed up with the police. He apologizes but implores her and says he can't deal with this.Later he lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. His mother comes in and says Norman's right as long as Shelby has the belt and can control them and make them do things they don't want to do just like Norman's father. She says it's his fault and he knows what he has to do. He says he has to get the belt. But then we see it's just a vision/dream he's having. His mother isn't there.He skulks over to Deputy Zack's house and breaks in. (Not wearing gloves, FYI.) He rifles through things. He finds a set of keys and then happens upon a dog. He grabs a bat and stuffs it in the dogs mouth. HE then shuts the dog in the bedroom. He takes the keys opens the locked basement door and discovers a workbench and... a love den complete with disco ball and video camera...and another locked door tht leads to comatose Chinese girl who has clearly been abused. He rouses her and she says "help me." Just then Deputy Zack arrives home and walks in the front door.

Directed by Paul A. Edwards  

Starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Nicola Peltz, more...

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