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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013

Synopsis "Bates Motel" - "Underwater" - May 13, 2013The police arrive to take Zack Shelby's body. Dylan's crew of pot harvesters watch as he's taken. Norma explains it to Romero and blames it on Jake Abernathy. She asks, out loud, why crazy people keep gravitating to her. Dylan takes him to the office to show him Abernathy's info.Norman and Dylan destroy Norma's mattress. Norma then discovers the pot harvesters smoking on her porch. They say given what the local economy is based on, no one cares. She says she doesn't care if no one cares - SHE cares. She then gets crazy and tells them that living in this town may be a nightmare but this is her property and she doesn't want these layabouts smoking pot at her motel. She asks Dylan who these people are. He says they are workers "processing stuff." She starts crying and screaming that she hates this place and that they're moving. Norman is not a fan of this idea.Bradley lays in a tub of water and Norman begins choking her. It is, of course, just a dream Norman is having.Norma goes to the office and finds Emma working on organizing files. Norma tells her to trash everything but stuff about the original deed and the sale. Emma asks if she's okay and Norma says she is, and also tells her not to let the people at the motel smoke pot. She tells her to use an authoritative voice. As she leaves Norma accepts a flower delivery. It's unsigned but Norma figures it's from Jake Abernathy. She calls and leaves a message for Romero.Bradley and Dylan meet up in town. She says her dad had an office at Gil's place and she wants to get inside to get some of his stuff. She says she knows it's a big favor. He says he'll check it out.Norma goes to the realtor, Matt, who sold her the motel and she reads him the riot act about not telling her about the bypass that is going to take her business away. She tells him to put the motel and the house back on the market and get her money back or she'll see him in court.Norman's teacher tells him the short story he turned in is incredible and that a friend she knows with a literary publication might be interested in it. She tells him to come by and she'll help edit it. He's also getting straight As and she says she thinks the school will be good for him.Back at the motel Norma is cleaning rooms when Jake Abernathy does a slow drive-by. Later, she Googles "safest cities in America." Norman returns home with his stuffed dog. Norma is unnerved but plays it off. He tells her about his good day at school. He says he really likes the school and she says she knows but it's him getting the grades, not the school.Dylan sees the dog and calls it "just weird, dude." He's Googling "drowning someone dreams." Dylan notices. Norman says it says that drowning can mean you're feeling overwhelmed in your life. He says he was drowning Bradley in the dream. Dylan says he wouldn't actually hurt anyone right. Norman says he's never "wanted" to hurt anyone, except, he says with a laugh, Dylan once in awhile.The pot harvesters work on the harvest at Gil's warehouse. Dylan asks about Jeremy's office in the warehouse. Gil tells him to take it.Back at the motel Emma tries to get one worker to stop smoking pot. He's supercute. He offers her a toke. She notes her O2 tank. He offers her weed cupcakes. She asks him to put it out or she'll lose her job. He puts it out.Norman and his teacher Miss Watson work on his story, she helps him edit it. She asks him how he came up with the idea of a man who is on fire inside. He says he doesn't really know. She says she thinks he's an old soul who understands how hard life can be and how we're really not meant to be happy. She tells him to ask Norma for permission to get it published.The pot harvesters have a hootenanny and play the Goo Goo Dolls and barbecue and smoke pot. Romero arrives and asks where they're working. They say at Gil's and offer him some veggies. He smiles and declines and heads in to see Norma. She offers the card from the flowers as a "clue." He tells her they're probably not going to go anywhere on this since all of the info that Abernathy gave her is fake. He wants to dust the room he stayed in. She cleaned it after he left and complains the stoners are now staying in it. He notes it's funny that she went into he service industry since she doesn't seem very keen on serving anybody. She asks what he'll do next. He says without a lead, nothing. And she admits she has none. He says he'll have the house patrolled.At school Norman and Bradley smile at one another as they pass in the hallway.Back at the motel Emma discovers a cupcake on the counter for her from Gunner, the guy who was smoking in the room. The note says he hopes he didn't get her in trouble.Dylan and Bradley meet and he says he'll pack up and bring the boxes to her since Gil still seemed pretty mad at her dad. She agrees with this initially but puppy eyes him and says she really wanted to see her dad's office as it was one more time since her mom threw all of his stuff at home away. She tearfully says she just misses him and to try to be with him again, even if it was just for a few minutes with his stuff. Dylan falls for this, even though he knows it's a bad idea.Emma takes a wrong number call at the motel. She eats the cupcake. The whole cupcake.Norma and Norman work on their laptops in the living room and she talks about finding a beautiful cottage in Oahu, HI, one of the top 10 safest places to live. Norman says he doesn't want to move and she can't make him. She says she can. He says it's another one of her stupid starting over idea and no matter where they go it will always be the same because she's crazy. He immediately apologizes. Emma arrives and says she feels like they're might be video monitoring in the office. She says she can hear it. She's clearly stoned. She explains about the cupcake and that one of the guests gave it to her. She says it is not fun. She asks Norman to get her toast and orange juice since she can't send her home like this.Dylan and Bradley go to the office and he swears her to secrecy. And then they are shot at by Reno. He can't believe it when he sees Dylan with Bradley. He basically says he will be holding this over Dylan's head. Bradley apologizes. She sits at her dad's desk and cries. He offers to leave her alone but she says she likes having him there. She looks for her dad's old pocket watch. She looks through drawers and finds some old letters. They are love letters, he was cheating on her mom. She asks why he would do this. Dylan says people are complicated and he's still her dad and he still loved her, because who wouldn't. He hugs her.Norma asks Norman if she can sleep with him because she's nervous about her own room. Norma asks if he remembers when they had sleepovers when he was little. He remembers. She apologizes about the move. He apologizes for calling her crazy.Norman goes to see Miss Watson and tells her they shouldn't send his story in since he doesn't think his mother would like it since she won't get it. She asks how the therapy is going. He said he went once. He apologizes about the story. She says she thinks he's a good kid with talent that deserves to be recognized so he doesn't really need to tell her. He says that doesn't seem right. She says she knows what it's like for him since she's had a lot of troubles in her own life so she can recognize when things aren't fair. She says Norma would probably never know.Norma goes to see Matt about the open house. He says there won't be one, the motel is underwater and he says the best thing for her is to walk away. She can't believe this. She says she will sue him He says she can but he's 30,000 in debt, lives with his girlfriend and his mom owns his car. She freaks out and starts whacking him with her purse. She leaves and has a parking ticket. But then she has worse problems, Jake Abernathy is in her back seat. He grabs her from behind and puts a gun to her neck. Turns out Zack Shelby owed him $150,000 for the last batch of sex slave girls and he can't find it anywhere so he knows she has it and she needs to bring it to him at the pier the following night. He asks if she can bring him his money. She says yes. He reminds her he knows where she lives and she'll kill her sons first and then her.

Directed by Tucker Gates  

Starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Nicola Peltz, more...

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