The Immutable Truth

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis "Bates Motel" - "The Immutable Truth" - May 5, 2014We open on Norman in the box in the woods, murmuring "help me, please."Sheriff Romero is driving and runs into Dylan running through a field. Dylan confesses to killing Nick Ford and says they've got Norman but he doesn't know where. He gets in the car and they go to Nick's house. He tells Dylan to stay put. Romero enters and finds Ford's body. He hears a noise and heads upstairs to investigate. He finds one of Ford's thugs going through his safe. He asks where Norman is. He denies knowing. Romero slugs him and asks again.He leads him to a trailer in the woods. Romero enters. Dylan calls out to Norman. Norman hears him and calls back. They find him and get him out of the box. He can't believe they're really there. Dylan hugs him. They help him to the car and take him to the hospital. Norma arrives. Dylan says he thinks he's going to be okay and tells her about finding him with Romero. She tells him she loves him so much. Dylan goes to find the doctor. Norman wakes up and sees Norma. She apologizes and touches his face. He tells her about the dreams he had about Miss Watson. She says they're just dreams and he should put it out of his head, it's all over.Norma takes him back home. Norma tells Emma he just had the stomach flu. Emma is confused. Norma tells Norman that Emma is quitting because she felt left out. She says she's not wrong but she couldn't tell the truth or Norman would die. She says it sucks and she will miss her. She tucks Norman in and offers to get him food. He says he's not hungry. She asks him t rest and get better and she didn't know what she would've done if anything had happened to him. She kisses him and leaves.She heads to the market to get him a pot roast. She runs into Christine, who shines her. She tells her she's sorry and George caught her at a bad time and she said stuff she didn't mean. Christine upbraids her for being terrible after she took her in, and says never to talk to her again because she's a trainwreck. She also notes the mayor is coming to her house for dinner so she can kiss her city council seat goodbye.Norman comes down for dinner and Norma says Christine is mad at her and she did a lot of damage in town and she doesn't know how it's going to shake out. She said she tried to sleep with his brother, she did the best she can. Norman tries to tell her about the semen sample but Norma says she already knows, Romero told her and he wants Norman to take a polygraph test. Norma says it's fine Miss Watson was a whore who seduced young boys, and he slept with her and didn't kill her so he should pass the test. He says he did and he remembers it. He is tearful but he says it makes sense now, that he "does things" when he blacks out. She says he's traumatized and he's convincing himself of things that didn't happen. He says they have to face it. She gets angry and yells at him to stop this. She tells him to eat his pot roast.Later he goes into Norma's room and rummages through her things until he finds a gun. He loads it.The next morning, Norma sits in his room in a rocking chair watching as he sleeps. She later looks up flights to Montreal in the motel office. Romero arrives and asks how Norman is. She says better but not quite himself. He says he scheduled the polygraph and gives her the address and date and time. Romero says they have to know and he may have sent the wrong to prison. He says the only way he doesn't reopen the case is if Norman passes the test. Norma says okay.Norma sits at his desk writing a list including: Organize bedroom, apple pie, finish sparrow, catalog/put away taxidermy, Emma, and Mother.Norman calls Emma in the office and asks her to bring up his book. She arrives. She asks what he's doing. He's on the floor going through his books saying he's getting his things in order. He asks why she's quitting. She says it's hard being here, feeling on the outside and things they won't tell them. He says he couldn't tell her because it had to do with Dylan and it was something he didn't want anyone to know. He shuts the door and tells her about Dylan's parentage and says to never let Dylan know because it would kill him. She starts to cry for Norma and Dylan and promises she'll never tell anyone. Norman says Norma loves her and loves having her here so he asks her to think about staying. She says she will.Jody calls Zane and says Nick Ford is dead because she wound him up into doing it. She tells him she doesn't care what happens to Dylan now and asks him to come over and talk. We pull back and see that Romero and Dylan are listening to her side of the conversation.Norman begins cataloging and bagging his taxidermied animals. All that's left on his to-do list is apple pie and mother. He and Norma do the after dinner dishes and he thanks her for making pie. She tells him that Romero scheduled the polygraph and it's going to be okay and he says he knows it will. She says she's going to wash her hair and he asks her to wait so they can spend some time together. He puts on an old record-- "Dream Lover"-- and asks her to dance like they used to when he was little. They dance, they do good work. It's cute. He tells her she's the best mother in the world. She says she doesn't know but she hopes so. He says she means everything to him.Zane shows up and Dylan Jody, and Romero wait. The lights go out in the house. Zane cut the power. Romero tells them to wait right there, no matter what happens. Dylan asks if there are any guns. She says there's one downstairs in the gun cabinet and she'll go get it. Instead she grabs a big old knife. There is shot. Zane confronts her. She calls him a son of a bitch and says sh heped him when no one else would. He has a gun on her. He sees Dylan. She slices his arm. He shoots his sister. He levels the gun at Dylan and hears Romero cock a shotgun behind him. Zane turns. Romero asks him if he remembers what he said about burning him down. He shoots him. Dylan asks what happens now. Romero says the story will be that he got a tip that Zane and his guys had killed Nick, he came to Jody's house to get more info from her but Zane had already shot her and he shot Zane. He says to Dylan "you were never here." Dylan thanks him but asks why he's giving him a pass. Romero says because he thinks Dylan gets it, what you can and can't do in this town. He says right now there's a vacuum and somebody is going to fill that vacuum. Dylan cuts him off and says he's not that guy. Romero says somebody is going to fill that vacuum and he wants it to be someone who understands the rules, because the rules that what make it possible for everyone to live there in a peaceful manner.Norma meets Dylan out on a roadside somewhere. She called him. She tells him about Norman's memories of killing Miss Watson. She apologizes it for dumping it on him but she wants to know what to do about Norman and the polygraph and she doesn't want Norman to go to prison, he'd just dissolve. She says she wants to go to Montreal tonight. He tells her that's insane. She says she got three tickets and wants him to come. He's touched she bought him a ticket. She apologizes for how he was born, how she handled it, how she shut him out. He says it wasn't her fault. She says it doesn't matter and that he's a miracle for coming out like he did out of that situation and she wouldn't give him up for anything. They hug. He tells her they can't leave. She says he's innocent, he doesn't know. Dylan says then he is mentally ill. Norma says she doesn't want him in an institution. Dylan says if he did it he needs to be somewhere he can be protected and where others can be protected and if she really loved him she would want to know the truth and he needs to take the test. They hug again.Norma heads home. She calls out to Norman but he doesn't answer. He's not in his room. He has left the stuffed sparrow with a note on her bed. The note reads: "Mother, I made this little bird for you. I will always love you and we will always be part of each other." She panics realizing it must be a suicide note. She runs out of the house screaming his name. She asks Emma if she saw Norman. She said he just headed across the street for a walk in the woods. Norma runs after. He has the gun in his hand. She calls out to him. He runs. He falls and drops the gun. He rights himself, grabs it and runs. Now he's limping. She continues to call after him. She catches up to him and they both fall. He throws her off of him. he points the gun at her, crazy in his eyes. He apologizes and says he didn't mean to hurt her but he is going to kill himself and she's not going to stop him. He says there's something wrong with him and he doesn't want to be this person. She says the blackouts confuse him. He notes his father died in a black out and asks what happened. She tells him to give her the gun and she will tell him. He does. She tells him that his father was hurting her and he was trying to help her. She begs him to not do this and says it will be okay. She kisses him on the mouth. He says okay, she wins.Norman is dressed and ready for his polygraph. Norma makes him pancakes. Dylan arrives to support him. They drive to the test as a family. Norma holds his hand. Norman is placid. They arrive and Romero leads them to the testing room. His buddy is ready for them. He takes the test. He admits to having sex with Miss Watson. He says he did not kill Blair Watson, thanks to seeing a vision of his mother during the test. The vision tells him that he didn't kill Miss Watson, she did, and they have to keep it a secret. The vision makes him promise to keep it a secret. He says he will. The vision says she will always be there for him and protect him no matter what. The buddy tells Romero that Norman passed the test and in his opinion Norman didn't kill Miss Watson. Norma hugs Dylan. Romero seems disappointed. Norman, still hooked up to the machine looks down at the floor and after a time, he looks directly at the camera and a small smile plays on his lips.

Directed by Tucker Gates  

Starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell, more...

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