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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2015, 43 min.

Synopsis "Bates Motel" - "Persuasion" - March 23, 2015We open on Norma walking down a hallway. She has been asked by Romero to ID the body at the morgue. She gets up good and close and is relieved to see that it's not Annika.She heads home and Norman is waiting in the drive for her. She tells him it wasn't Annika and also that she threw up on herself in the car. They head in the house. He asks if Romero said anything about Annika.She wonders why since he's now busy with the other dead girl. He says she doesn't have to be so snippy since Annika is still missing. She apologizes but she says she is sick of the whole thing and has to go to school now and she will probably look like everyone's mother. She agrees it is sad and messed up but it is not their problem.Norma heads off to class. She heads in and sits and she is right, everyone is much younger than her. An older man walks in and says she is sitting in his seat. She snippily tells him to pull a chair into the circle. Naturally, he is the teacher. But it turns out that this is Psych 101 not Business Marketing 101 and she creeps out as he starts. He calls her out and she says she's in the wrong class. He asks, in front of the whole class, whether she thinks she couldn't benefit from the class. She leaves.Emma gets dressed in a very sexy and sassy outfit and puts on make go work at the motel. Okay. That she looks nice does not escape Norman but he doesn't make a big deal of it. Neither does she. He watches as Annika's car is towed away. They head into the office.Romero goes to see the head honcho at the Arcanum Club. A man named Bob. He keeps Romero waiting for a half hour and then they have a very tense conversation in which Romero tries to ask about Annika but Bob notes that there were a lot of women at the party. He also notes that Romero's re-election is coming up and his chances are pretty crummy given how he let the DEA bust the down's main source of revenue with the summer pot busts. Romero gets the message but says he's not going to let a murder investigation slide no matter how important Bob is and no one gets a free pass, re-election or not.Caleb, Gunnar, and Dylan are making progress on the barn. Caleb suggests using cedar for an important element but Dylan says that's too expensive. Caleb tries to offer to buy it but Dylan won't take his money, emphatically. Caleb stalks off, hurt.Romero comes to visit Norma and Norman with questions about Annika. Norma wants to sit in but Norman shoos her away to make dinner. Romero asks what Norman remembers. He tells Romero what he knows, that she made it explicit what her line of work was, he dropped her off, and drove her back to the motel. Romero wonders why she told him. Norman says women find it easy to talk to him, maybe because he's been so close to his mother and is therefore more sensitive then other men his age. Romero notes Miss Watson also felt this way. Norman looks at the photo of the dead girl and doesn't recognize her. Both he and Norma say that Annika never mentioned Bob.Romero leaves and Norma lays into Norman about embarrassing her in front of Romero. They argue and he asks why she told Romero he was the last person to see Annika. She says it just came out. He also wonders why she was at the party and why she knocked down the bypass sign and that she got agitated and spilled to Romero and she needs to stop telling lies about him since he dropped Annika to see a friend so he wasn't the last to see her. He says he thinks one of them has a problem and is tired that the assumption is always that it is him.Emma is in the office when a woman arrives with a van full of pot plants for Dylan. She says she either leaves them at the motel or takes them back with her because she can't deliver the plants to his house in the woods. So, Emma loads up her little VW Bug and drives them up to the house. She is surprised to meet Caleb here, knowing what she knows about what he did to Norma. Dylan asks her not to say anything to Norma and Norman about Caleb staying with him.Norma runs into the psych professor in the parking lot. He apologizes, sincerely and profusely, for embarrassing her in front of the class. He then extends an olive branch noting that he can usually tell when he sees damaged people who had crappy upbringings and offers his card if she ever wants to talk because he thinks maybe she could use some therapy. He walks away and she crumples up his card and tosses it on the ground. She gets in her car and thinks better of it, getting out and picking up the card.Romero and a deputy go over the dead girl's file. Her name is Lindsey, 22, she was from Omaha and living in L.A. and another working girl who had been visiting the sex parties on the weekend for $10 grand a week. And as they do he gets a visit from a man who informs him that he will be running against him for sheriff in the election. His name is Marcus and he thought it would be nice to meet. Romero wonders why that would be nice. Marcus basically wants to talk and be threatening. He was a cop in Missouri for 15 years and has been fishing in White Pine Bay with his dad on vacations for years. Marcus says he knows that this isn't fun for him but like a coach Romero has had some losing seasons and it's time to move on. Romero says he isn't going anywhere and Marcus will not be next sheriff but he hopes he catches some fish and that he hasn't sold his house in Missouri. Marcus, oddly, notes it was a condo and he rented it out to his cousin Carl. Romero says this is the last time he'll be in this office and he can show himself out. Marcus notices the file and says homicides are tough and if he can be of assistance to just holler.Dylan returns home to find Caleb strumming "Smoke on the Water" on his unplugged in electric guitar and a pile of fresh new cedar. Caleb tries to feign ignorance and then essentially begs Dylan to just let him give him this gift and let it be. He tells him to have a seat and hands Dylan a beer. Dylan sits and drinks.Norma and Emma work in the office. He seems off and she asks why. He sort of gets into how things are wonky with his mother and that she doesn't trust him and that she's always second-guessing him. He ends up dismissing it and says it's just different lately and he feels outside of her and she's annoyed at him all the time. Emma says Norma can be controlling. Norman says she thinks something is wrong with him and he's bad. Emma disagrees and says she knows he's not bad and he knows he's not bad and therefore he isn't. He says he doesn't know and if someone is always treating you like you've done something wrong it's hard to not start believing that you have done something wrong. He gets very upset and she tells him to calm down. He says that's easy for her to say since no one has been silently accusing her 24/7 like his mother does him and it's enough to drive anyone crazy and think that "you did it." She asks, "did what?" Norman says he can't explain and stalks off. She tries to stop him but he won't.He marches into the house very angry and glares at Norma who is confused. She goes into his room and asks why he's treating her this way and asks what she's done. He says he was willing to take full responsibility for Miss Watson and she wouldn't let him. He says he stayed in this world for her--referencing his almost suicide-- and now she thinks he killed this girl and she needs to make up her mind what she thinks about him. She says "I don't think you killed anyone.' He screams at her "Don't lie to me!" He freaks out and says he didn't kill Annika and he knows this, he didn't black out or do anything wrong. She tries to go to him and he tells her to get out.Later at the sink he sees a hallucination of Norma who reminds him when he was trapped in the box he remembered everything and that what he should do is get in the tub, submerge himself and try to remember if he killed Annika. He does this and sees all sorts of visions including one of Miss Watson getting her throat slit and Annika getting out of the car and Norma braining someone with a phone. Norma knocks on the door and when he doesn't respond she breaks the door down and pulls him out from under the water. He chokes and spits out water but is alive. She apologizes as she holds his head.She tucks him into bed and he apologizes says she needs to go close the office and tells him to rest and she will return with a cup of tea. Norman asks, "What if I did kill her mother?" She says she'll be right back. She goes down to the office and starts to freak and cry and suddenly she sees lights. A woman staggers out towards her from a car. It is Annika she is bloodied and injured. She falls to the ground. She hands Norma a USB drive and tells her "Use this, do something with it, it's important, use it for you and your son.' And then she either passes out or dies. Norma runs into the office and calls 911 and saying someone has been shot and may be dead. She looks at the bloody flash drive in her hand.

Directed by Tim Southam  

Starring Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Kenny Johnson, more...

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