Gone But Not Forgotten

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis "Bates Motel" - "Gone But Not Forgotten" - March 3, 2014Miss Watson's still dead, Bradley's in the nuthouse and Norma's hopping mad about the bypass. Welcome back to the "Bates Motel."We open on poor Miss Watson's lifeless body on the floor.The next morning Norma gets an auto-call from the school informing parents of Miss Watson's untimely demise and that school is canceled for her funeral on Monday. She and Norman attend and he sobs ostentatiously in the rain drawing much attention.Four months later he is still inconsolable and has taken to visiting her grave obsessively. He's also way into his taxidermy and Norma is freaked out by all of this and wishes like he'd just act like a normal kid. Even Emma, who is still helping out around the now very busy motel, is weirded out by him. One day he goes to Miss Watson's grave and takes a photo of a man standing over it. He then takes this picture to shady Sherriff Romero who starts asking him about Miss Watson and Norman admits that he had been to her house because she helped him with a project. He acts all jittery and nervous. Later, Romero runs into Norma and is all "what's up with your son visiting Miss Watson's grave and being weird." Norma says she will try to make him act less strange. Meanwhile, she goes to Norman who finally admits he was at her house the night of the murder, she undressed where he could see her, and then all he remembers is running home. He feels bd because he believes if he had stayed he could've defended her from the "murderer."In the time between Miss Watson's death and the present, Bradley tried to kill herself by jumping off a bridge. She survived and was shipped off to a mental institution. Norman tried to write to her but she sent all of his letters back. When she gets out, she goes right to Gil to ask what happened to her dad. He notes her dad was not a nice man and unless she's willing to give up some ass he's not telling her anything else. Norman goes to visit her to say he will always be there for her, even though she obviously doesn't want him. Gil tells Dylan that Bradley is sniffing around and to make sure not to say anything to her about her dad. Dylan has figured out that the "B" in her dad's letters was Miss Blair Watson. Bradley's dad was having an affair with her and she was also Gil's girlfriend so he thinks that Gil did them both in. He meets with Bradley way off the beaten path and tells her all of this and to stop asking questions or she might get hurt. Bradley says she can take care of herself. And she does. She goes to Gil, gets him all aroused and then shoots him in the head. She then goes to Norman's house, smoking gun still in hand and asks if his offer of support is still good.Meanwhile, although business is good at the motel, Norma is angry to find out that the bypass-- which will take all of her business away-- is going ahead after all and ahead of schedule. She goes to a city council meeting and has a hilarious breakdown in which she accuses everyone there of pretending that the town is not being financed by drug money and accuses everyone of being assholes.

Directed by Tucker Gates  

Starring Vera Farmiga, April Webster, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, more...

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