Bat Masterson

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Western, USA, 1958, 30 min.

Synopsis Dressed-up dandy (derby and cane), gambler and lawman roams the West charming women and defending the unjustly accused. His primary weapon was his wit (and cane) rather than his gun.

Directed by Alan Crosland Jr., Norman Foster, Herman Hoffman, David Friedkin, Monroe P. Askins, Jesse Hibbs, Montgomery Pittman, Earl Bellamy, James Goldstone, Jerry Hopper, Hollingsworth Morse, Bernard Girard, Eddie Davis, Walter Doniger, John Rich, Franklin Adreon, Elliott Lewis, Otto Lang, William Conrad, Lew Landers, Allen H. Miner, Alvin Ganzer  

Starring Gene Barry, Bill Baldwin, Allison Hayes, Allen Jaffe, Ken Drake, more...

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