As Stars Look Down

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Comedy/Drama, UK, 1998

Synopsis Father McAnally 's old friend and onetime curate, now a Bishop, comes for a visit but something is clearly bothering him. He's about to take up an appointment at the Vatican and isn't sure if it's the right thing to do. Danny and Emma spend an afternoon together but are far afield when a storm breaks and they find themselves having to spend the night in an abandoned cottage. A worried Sean searches for her and there's a spark when he and Niamh speak about it in the pub. Father Aidan O'Connell has organized a monster bingo but when his celebrity number caller drops out, he finds he has to take on the task himself. Orla comes to his rescue.

Directed by N.G. Bristow  

Starring Niall Toibin, Peter Hanly, Tina Kellegher, Lorcan Cranitch, Don Wycherley, more...

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