Avenging Angel

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Drama/Western, USA, 2007, 81 min.

Synopsis The vast frontier of the Texas Hill Country, in the shadow of the war, is the new home for a nomadic man in black. He lives by a strict moral code—and with enough ammunition to make it pay off. Preacher (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules) has brought his wife and daughter to the Texas Hill Country to settle and establish a church for a small and devoted community. No sooner does he arrive than the church is set upon by a ruthless posse led by cold-hearted gunman Bob Quinn (Nick Chinlund, Ultraviolet). Claiming the settlers are nothing but illegal squatters, Quinn orders his men to blow the church to kingdom come. Among the innocent victims are Preacher’s wife and child. Yesterday, Preacher asked God to forgive his past sins. Today, he’s pleading God’s forgiveness for those he’s about to commit. Save for a gun and the Bible, Preacher leaves all material possessions behind to embark on a journey to pursue justice—as a vessel of the Lord’s vengeance, and to spill the blood of those who have robbed him of the bedrock of his existence. As one by one the men meet their fates, Preacher finds unexpected consolation, empathy, and love in Maggie Forster, a hard working and decent saloon girl struggling to support herself, and her daughter. To Preacher, they’re the heart and soul of his mortal salvation. But to keep them safe, there’s one man left—Bob Quinn—who must suffer the fire of Preacher’s wrath. A Western adventure of faith, forgiveness, revenge, and redemption, Avenging Angel delivers the goods at point-blank range.

Directed by David S. Cass Sr.  

Starring Kevin Sorbo, Nick Chinlund, Cynthia Watros, Richard Lee Jackson, Lorin McCraley, more...

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