Who Won the War Anyway?

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Comedy/Drama, UK, 1983

Synopsis Neville is about to be sacked for his lying but becomes a hero when he raises the alarm after seeing an unexploded bomb,unearthed by the diggers. He befriends Helmut Fischer,a German co-worker,and meets his family,the father having fought against Neville's father in the war. Oz's tactless remarks about the British winning the war land him in trouble and he is dismissed but the Germans actually go on strike in order for him to be reinstated. Liverpudlian Moxey joins the work-force and is welcomed with open arms because he is the only one of them who owns a darts board.

Directed by Roger Bamford  

Starring Jimmy Nail, Timothy Spall, Tim Healy, Kevin Whately, Pat Roach, more...

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