As Ye Sow

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Drama, USA, 1914

Synopsis Frank St. John becomes well known in the New York business world and marries heiress Dora Leland, but soon Dora realizes that Frank is a wastrel who married her for her money under an assumed name. When Dora refuses to give him any more money, he kidnaps their baby and leaves it on his mother's doorstep in Cape Cod, then goes to sea on a fishing schooner. Informed that her husband has been lost at sea, Dora goes to Cape Cod and boards with Mrs. St. John, unaware of the woman's identity or that of the adopted baby. Frank's younger brother, Rev. John St. John is attracted to Dora and after she explains her circumstances, they decide to marry. Just before the ceremony, however, Frank is washed ashore alive. Although she is delighted to find her lost child, she must also resume her role as Frank's wife. He takes up his old habits, however, and soon is killed in a barroom brawl, thus freeing Dora to marry John and find happiness at last.

Directed by Frank Hall Crane  

Starring Alice Brady, W.D. Fischter, Douglas MacLean, Lydia Knott, Beverly West, more...

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