Episode dated 18 April 1961

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Synopsis A pregnant Lisa is going over a list of baby names with Bob, Nancy and Chris. Nancy and Chris discuss the baby, and the problems with Ellen and Penny. Lisa surprises Nancy and Chris with the idea of naming the child after Chris, if it is a boy. Penny and Lisa get into a fight over Lisa's interference in Ellen trying to reconnect with her son, by Ellen working for David.

Directed by Paul Lammers, Lisa Brown, Casey Childs, Ted Corday, Jenny O'Hara, Portman Paget, Andrew D. Weyman, Steven Williford, Susan Dansby, James DePaiva, Charles C. Dyer, Christopher Goutman, Heather Hill, Ellen Wheeler  

Starring William Johnstone, David Brand, Ken Costigan, Barry Cullison, Michael Bryan French, more...

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