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Drama, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Carly waits for Parker at the train station. But Parker's train comes and goes. She calls Jack in a panic, but he seems unconcerned. She calls Holden, and Holden arrives immediately to help. He suggests that she call the camp counselor, something that hadn't occurred to her. She's relieved when the counselor tells her that Parker took an earlier train. Jack shows up after all. He and Holden quarrel. Later, Carly finds that Parker hasn't come home, and she worries all over again. Meanwhile, Parker is with Liberty. She secretly calls her father; Brad comes over immediately, grabs Parker and takes him back to Jack's. Later, Carly tells Holden that she's setting a bad example for her son, which means Holden must stay away. Emily's niece comes to town. She's graduated college and is now officially a criminologist. Emily is embarrassed to admit that she and Casey are seeing each other. But Casey is with her, and brings it up immediately. Margo stops by Emily's office with the annulment papers. Emily and Casey sign them, but agree to stay together.

Starring Noelle Beck, Roger Howarth, Claire Byrne, Terri Colombino, Lesli Kay, more...

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