Another Dawn

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Adventure/Drama/Romance, USA, 1937, 73 min.

Synopsis British Colonel John Wister, on leave from his post in the Sahara, meets and falls in love with a beautiful American named Julia Ashton. Julia agrees to marry him, but cautions that she can never love him because her heart belongs to her former fiancé, an aviator who died tragically in a plane accident. John and Julia marry and return to Dikut, where Julia meets John's best friend, Capt. Denny Roark, and Denny's sister Grace, who is in love with John but successfully hides her heartbreak over his marriage. Within a few weeks, Denny's charm, so reminiscent of Julia's lost love, captures her heart, and after realizing that they are in love, Denny decides to transfer to another garrison. John discovers that Julia has fallen in love with Denny, and although he would give her her freedom, he knows that she is too decent to leave him. Fate presents a solution when circumstances dictate that one of the two men must fly a fatal bombing mission. Although Denny wins a coin toss, at dawn, while Grace and Denny are saying their last goodbyes, John flies off to certain death, sacrificing his life so that Julia and Denny can be together.

Directed by William Dieterle  

Starring Kay Francis, Errol Flynn, Ian Hunter, Frieda Inescort, Herbert Mundin, more...

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