Annabel Takes a Tour

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Comedy, USA, 1938, 67 min.

Synopsis When movie star Natalie Preston outscores her rival Annabel Allison in a popularity contest, Annabel's publicist, Lanny Morgan, decides that drastic measures are needed to revive his client's career. Consequently, on a good will tour to promote Annabel's latest movie, Lanny, as a stunt, uses the calling card of Viscount Ronald River-Clyde to send flowers to Annabel. Sure that the flowers are legitimate, Annabel, who previously lamented Natalie's marriage to a count, calls the viscount at his hotel room and insists that they have a rendezvous. At first confused, the viscount, who is a proper married man, is convinced by Lanny to indulge Annabel as a way of securing publicity for his new novel. Lovestruck, Annabel states her intention to give up show business and go off with the viscount, but the clever Lanny talks her into making one last appearance before her adoring public. After announcing her retirement and introducing the viscount, a woman and child rush the movie theater stage and declare that they are the viscount's wife and child. Annabel soon sees through the ruse, but then is forced to confront the real Mrs. River-Clyde and her four children, who appear with papers and lawyers. With Lanny and the studio head in tow, Annabel flees to the train station, followed by the angry viscount and his family. Both parties get on the same train, but the caboose in which Annabel and company are hiding detaches en route and rolls off into the sunset.

Directed by Lew Landers  

Starring Jack Oakie, Lucille Ball, Ruth Donnelly, Bradley Page, Ralph Forbes, more...

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