Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation

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Comedy/, USA, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis "Anger Management' - "Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation" - July 5, 2012Jen and Sam return from a trip to visit Charlie's parents. Sam is zonked out but Jen couldn't sleep for the entire journey and is crazy with the sleep deprivation. Charlie puts her to bed in his bed and she starts confessing things: his mother's bitch, she slept naked for weeks to try and trick him into getting her pregnant to save their marriage. He gets the idea that sleep deprivation is like truth serum and decides to try it out on his therapy group.He tells the group about it and Ed reminisces, apparently humorously, about being kept awake by toture in Vietnam.When he's setting up the cameras to record the session he talks with Sam about her trip. She complains that the TSA made her pull out all of her lucky charms during the security check and the list is long and she thinks she's a freak. Charlie tries to make her feel better by showing her the penny that his dad got him as a kid when they went to Carlsbard Caverns. The best trip they ever took. Kate arrives and Sam leaves. Kate wonders why Sam doesn't like her and wonders if she knows they're sleeping together. Charlie says no one knows. He has asked her over to ask if she will come over and spell him so he can get some rest during the sleep deprivation study so he can be fresh when it's time for the session.She thinks it's a bad idea and thinks he's only doing it to get professional recognition in psychology journals. She says this is how he's transferred his need for attention since leaving baseball. He cops to it but says it could still be good methodology and she agrees to help. Jen enters and Charlie leaves. Jen tells Kate that she always thought that Kate and Charlie had the hots for each other but says she now realizes this was crazy because Kate is gay. Kate doesn't say she's gay but says she lives in the moment. Jen says they should hang out.Patrick arrives first to lay claim on the couch for the 'no-sleepover.' Ed arrives next and tricks Patrick off the couch. Lacey and Nolan arrive together and we learn he's essentially been stalking her. Charlie tells everyone they simply have to stay up and once they are all sufficiently tired and vulnerable they can start the session.Patrick, the actor, keeps trying to fake his breakthroughs into one of the cameras. Ed is playing video games. Nolan invites Lacey to dinner in the kitchen and is cute and funny and she says that. They are starting to get punchy. Charlie enters and Lacey puts the moves on him. He calls her out on transference saying that, as the only man to listen and pay attention to her, she thinks she loves him. She says she just wants sex. As everyone, including Charlie, is breaking down Kate arrives and says she can't watch the group while Charlie rests because one of her patients is being committed and it's an emergency. Charlie calls the group to order. Lacey realizes she's substituting sex for love, Nolan realizes Lacey is a "slut," Patrick realizes he has no genuine emotions, and Charlie accidentally calls Ed "dad."Later in the kitchen, Kate helps him get to the bottom of the whole experiment: it was Charlie who was seeking a breakthrough. By seeking the approval of the journals it was like seeking the approval of the father who never gave it to him. Kate partially helps him make this breakthrough by repeatedly slapping him in the face.After they get some sleep, Charlie apologizes to Ed and accidentally gives his Carlsbad Cavern penny to Lacey who admits she also has daddy abandonment issues also. He tells Kate he's sad that he gave her the penny. She asks if he wants her to take him to Carlbad Caverns. Once he determines that this is a euphemism he agrees.

Directed by Bob Koherr  

Starring Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, more...

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