Charlie Goes Back to Therapy

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Comedy/, USA, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis "Anger Management" - "Charlie Goes Back to Therapy" - June 28, 2012Welcome to the new Charlie Sheen sitcom, very loosely based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson-Adam Sandler movie of the same name.We open with Charlie looking directly into the camera saying "You can't fire me. I quit. You think you can replace me with some other guy? Go ahead it won't be the same. You may think I'm losing but I'm not I'm...".Before he can say "winning," the camera pulls back to reveal that Charlie is addressing a punching bag dummy named Bobo. He turns to a group of people sitting on couches and chairs in a posh living room and says that Bobo is there to help them work out their anger. For you see Charlie Goodson is an anger management therapist.We learn that he used to be a minor league ballplayer. When he finally got called up to the majors, he was so angry when a fan caught a foul ball that would've been an out if Charlie had caught it, he got so angry that he tried to break a bat over his knee. He injured himself and destroyed his career. He then went back to school to become a therapist to help others deal with their anger issues.He shows this video to his therapy group, most of whom mock him for it. They are a curmudgeonly old homophobe named Ed, a ,middle-aged gay man named Patrick, a bimbo named Lacey-- who shot her boyfriend in the ballls after she caught him cheating-- and a young doofus named Nolan.In addition to the group that meets in his home, Charlie also does pro bono work at the state prison and has a group of hardened convicts he works with there.He is also dealing with the new boyfriend of his ex-wife Jen, with whom he generally has a good relationship. He and the boyfriend tangle over the way he talks to Charlie's daughter Sam. (Sam is a teenager and has OCD.) The argument gets so heated that at one point Charlie picks up a lamp to threaten the boyfriend and realizes that his anger issues remain.Charlie is also friends with the bartender at his local watering hole, played by Brett Butler.Charlie also has a horny neighbor named Michael, in whom he confides that he thinks he needs to go back to therapy himself. But then he admits that the best therapist he knows is also a woman he is sleeping with, his best friend Kate. We see the two having sex and saying things to each other like "I promise I will never love you."When he goes to Kate hoping to get therapy but still have sex she rightly points out that it's an either/or proposition. After one session, however, they decide that the no sex between patients and therapists rule was put in place to protect patients who weren't therapists and consider trying to make it work by having him serve as her therapist as well so they're on a level playing field.Affter working on his problems Charlie goes to Jen's house and apologizes to her boyfriend. It turns out, however, that he and Jen just broke up and he leaves. Charlie turns to Jen wondering why she let him apologize so sincerely. She says she knows it was hard for him so she enjoyed.The night began with back to back episodes so on to..."Anger Management" - "Charlie and The Slumpbuster" - June 28, 2012We open with Charlie on a date with a bimbo named Daytona who orders her drink by color. Charlie's bartender friend Brett wants to know if she wants it in a sippy cup.Jen and Sam show up and recognize that Charlie is once again dating an idiot.He later tries to explain to them that he dates hot, dumb women because he's a "tool of evolution, this is how our species gets hotter."A new girl named Mel joins his home therapy group. She is mousy and gangly. She starts to tell her tale: she is from a small town in Wisconsin and once met a guy who changed her life and gave her hope. She used to be fat and unnattactive and one day this attractive ballplayer came into the diner where she worked and picked her to sleep with. But then she heard from a friend about "slumpbusters." This is apparently a tradition in which a ballplayer will find the ugliest woman he can to sleep with in order to break a hitting slump. That guy, of course, was Charlie. Everyone in her hometown started mocking her and she got very angry. Patrick says what everyone is thinking, "who didn't see that coming?" Charlie didn't recognize her because she lost 100 pounds and got plastic surgery.Since Charlie has "evolved" he feels terrible that he did this to Mel and wants to make it up to her, even though she's clearly an unstable stalker. So he offers to make dinner for her and calls it a date.Jen and Sam happen to come over during his apology "date" and are impressed that Charlie would date a woman so average. He realizes that this raises his esteem in Sam's eyes so he keeps up the charade even though Jen sees right through it.The next day he explains to the group what he tried to do, realizes it backfires and sums it up by saying "never use a slumpbuster" and understands that this does not apply to everyone.Then Charlie and Mel go over to Jen and Sam's and do some crafting with them. Charlie keeps up the charade that he and Mel are dating. Later that night at his house, Mel feigns an allergic reaction and runs off to the kitchen and tells Charlie to come in. When he does she's naked on the counter. He turns her down and she's sad that even though she's changed her outward appearance he still doesn't want her. He finally admits that she was his slumpbuster and she gets angry and he explains that he's sorry and he pretended they were dating to spare her feelings and tries to build up her confidence back to the place where she felt that the hot ballplayer simply wanted her for who she was.He makes a deal with her to try to make her feel better: he will go with her to her hometown and walk around with her holding her hand so people will see she was not a slumpbuster.When he tells Jen, she thinks this is admirable and covers for him in front of Sam, even though she points out that this is the first time she's met one of the women that he cheated on her with. He says he did it for the family since he was trying to break out of his slump and be a successful player. He admits that Diane in San Diego was just for him though.

Directed by Andy Cadiff  

Starring Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, more...

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