Charlie Gets Romantic

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Comedy/, USA, 2012, 22 min.

Synopsis "Anger Management" - "Charlie Gets Romantic" - August 23, 2012In group Charlie commends the members for all going 30 days without having an anger outburst. He promises that at the next session they will celebrate if everyone is still going strong.Later, Charlie and Kate lie on the floor post-coital, panting and happy. Kate is about to leave when Charlie asks if she wants to go to a movie. She declines somewhat awkwardly and he feels weird.Later Kate is leaving, Charlie is in his bathrobe and Jen shows up wondering what she's doing ther. Charle claims his back went out and Kate came over since she's also a massage therapist as well as a regular therapy. Jen is nervous and glad Kate is there-- especially since she thinks Kate is a lesbian. She shows Charlie and Kate a picture on Sam's Facebook page of Sam kissing a girl. Charlie says they should wait to talk to Sam.At the bar Brett tells Charlie that they're very similar since they both help people through their problems. Then she hits on him and he rebuffs her. Kate shows up with a "date" for Charlie's movie. She has procured stuffy, older film professor Judy to accompany him.Charlie is confused since he thought he was going to the movies with Kate. She's full of movie trivia. Charlie wonders what is up. Kate explains that since Charlie asked her to a movie after sex she's worried he's becoming romantically attached and she can't have that so she's giving him Judy so they won't ruin their friendship. She says if she sees another sign of emotional involvement that it's over. He goes to talk to Judy who turns out was a patient of Kate's: OCD.Jen and Charlie approach Sam about the girl-kissing picture. She says she was trying to get a boy to like her and he didn't even notice. They tell her not to do that.We cut to Charlie's living room destroyed. He is lecturing the group that they all have to write papers on "what happened" and he'd like them by Monday when their 30 day "no anger" calendar starts again. They all bicker about the melee except the doofus who calls it the best party ever.Charlie's neighbor Michael comes over and asks him to a movie. Charlie says he can't since then it will be clear that he has feelings for him. He explains about Kate's concerns that Charlie has feelings for her. Michael says he does, and that the whole FWB thing is about denial. Charlie realizes he's right.Charlie goes over to Jen's and she confesses that she thinks Sam got the "gay gene" from her because she had a few same sex experiences. Charlie reassures Jen she's not gay. She says he's just saying that because it makes him feel like he couldn't please her. He says he always did. She says George Clooney helped. She reminisces that it was nice to kiss a girl. Charlie posits that kissing is more intimate then sex which is where the feelings come from and you see the wheels turning. Jen agrees and says that's probably why hookers don't kiss.Later Charlie and Kate are in bed and he tries to avoid kissing her. And he explains his theory about kissing. She says she doesn't care if he kisses her. He says okay and she agrees. He heads under the covers. And then she says it's weird and it feels like they've jumped to the middle, she says she needs a beginning. They try again and it doesn't work and she feels bad. She realizes she needs the kissing to get aroused and she's tangled up romance and sex. She wonders if he does. She feels between his legs. He doesn't. She gets mad and telsl him to leave.At his prison group a convict is complaining his pen pal wants a commitment. He doesn't want to be tied down. Charlie points out that he's in prison. The convict wonders why women want commitment. Charlie says some women don't, they just want sex. Another convict tells Charlie that he thinks that he needs to tell this sex only woman how he feels. Sometimes, he says, people need to feel safe before they can open up.Later Charlie goes to his therapy appointment with Kate. He says he wants to talk about his problems with his best friend. She says they have two choices essentially, they can talk about what they might be feeling for each other and fall in love and have it go south and ruin their friendship or they can just agree on a deal where she goes to the movies with him and he kisses her. He agrees. They kiss. She declares she's "ready."

Directed by Bob Koherr  

Starring Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Noureen DeWulf, more...

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