Top Four Performance

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/Musical/, USA, 2010

Synopsis "American Idol" - Top Four Performance - May 11, 2010Theme: Songs from the moviesMentor: Jamie FoxxIn the audience: Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel;Video Package: A look at Jamie Foxx. He's in the audience with shirts that say "contestant" and "artist" and says he told them he challenged them to rise above and he'd award the proper shirt.Contestant #1: Lee Dewyze He gets in his face like he did with Danny Gokey and tells him to take it from inside to outside. Jamie gives him an artist shirt.Song: "Kiss From a Rose," Seal ("Batman")Performance: There are some pitch problems, some presence issues, and a strong karaoke vibe but it's fine in general.Randy: He thinks it was just okay, he did nothing with it and it's pitchy in spot. He calls it a bad choice.Ellen: Agrees he could've done more but says he's so good.Kara: Says he had a great week last week and that the song was too wide in range and he was buried by the arrangement.Simon: Agrees with Randy that he didn't choose a brilliant song and that it was verging on karaoke. He says it's "contestant" t-shirt for sure.Contestant #2: Michael Lynche In Ryan stool chat he asks about the pressure. Michael says you have the pressure of your family and city wanting you get into the top 3 so you can bring it home. That was also his personal goal. In his video package Jamie detects some self-esteem issues. They dance and shadowbox. He tries to give him a contestant shirt but Michael says he's coming back for the artist shirt.Song: "Will You Be There," Michael Jackson ("Free Willy")Performance: He starts low and it's a shade shaky but he quickly gets up into a higher register. A quintet of backing vocalists serve as a choir. It's fine, heartfelt, but not particularly interesting.Randy: He didn't love it and wished he'd chosen an R&B song and said it was just alright.Ellen: Says the choir was helpful and powerful and says it was weird that his goal is to be top 3. She thinks it was a little predictable.Kara: Says she thought about previous performances that gave her goosebumps and she says he played it safe.Simon: Asks what "Free Willy" is about and when he learns he's still confused. He thinks he should've chosen a better song. He says at least he gave a good effort and he kind of felt that he meant it.Duet #1: Crystal and Lee "Falling Slowly," Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova (aka Swell Season) ("Once") Wow, really, really nice. Committed, in tune, passionate. This will put them both in good stead for next week.Randy: That's what he's talking about.Ellen: Thought it was great.Kara: One of her favorite moments of the entire season.Simon: Calls it fantasticCrystal says Lee is her "musical" crush.Contestant #3: Casey James Jamie tells him to seduce him, or eventually look past him and get into the moment. Jamie gives him an artist shirt.Song: "Mrs. Robinson," Simon and Garfunkel ("The Graduate")Performance: Armed with a uke and seated in the audience Casey ambles through the song quietly but amiably. It's a nice vocal if not a scintillating performance.Randy: Asks why he chose the song. Casey says a lot of things and Randy points to cougar Kara. Thought he sounded cool and if not had him jumping out of his seat.Ellen: Likes that he came back and did something different with the song and wished he'd gone further with the changes.Kara: Says for her this is him fighting to stay in the competition and she really thought it was a good choice.Simon: Didn't think it had the substance required on this important night, he thought it was a little bit lazy and that he could've made more of an impact.Contestant #4: Crystal Bowersox In Ryan stool chat he asks about the choice. She says the mood is low and it's a funny film and a good song. She was a little starstruck with Jamie. He tells her to not be shy and to raise her eyes and make it a testimony. He gives her an artist shirt.Song: "I'm Alright," Kenny Loggins ("Caddyshack")Performance: She bends the song a bit and makes it a bit swampier and bluesier. It's funky and light with a bit of bite.Randy: Loves that she tries to switch it up and fit her even if it wasn't his favorite performance.Ellen: Says that performance got "crystallized" and that she took the song and made it better.Kara: Agrees that she made it better and is an artist.Simon: He says after that performance she's back in the game. Duet #2: Michael and Casey "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman," Bryan Adams ("Don Juan DeMarco") Both armed with guitars they do a nice job on a song that is pure schmaltz. They do nice harmonies and Casey plays some nice dusty licks. This song is going to save one of their bacons and I'm guessing it's Casey.Randy: Loved it.Ellen: Says as a matter of fact she has loved a woman.Kara: Says the duets were incredible and better than all of the solo performances.Simon: He says they should give Jamie's artist t-shirts to the duets because that was really well-done.

Directed by Bruce Gowers  

Starring Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson, more...

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