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/Musical/, 2013

Synopsis "American Idol" - Auditions #4 - Jan. 24, 2012The "Idol" audition train pulls in to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.First up is Miss Baton Rouge herself Megan Miller who shows up in crutches after a car accident. She blew off doctor's advice to come audition. She will have surgery on her leg right after the audition. She sings "Something's Got a Hold on Me." She's a soulful belter with poise, power, and control and moxieThat's four yeses and a golden ticket.(We learn her surgery was a success and she'll be back on her feet by Hollywood.)Next up is Charlie Askew a teen who considers himself socially awkward. He sings "Breakthrough" by Queen. He starts off well but when he starts belting it's a bit strident. He's very committed though. He then sings an apt "Nature Boy" and it's much better, more controlled. That's four yeses and a golden ticket. He seems really sweet, it's a nice moment.Next up is Maddie Assel who was nominated by her grandmother. Randy showed up randomly while she's singing with a band on the street in New Orleans and extended an invitation to audition...the next day. She sings "Oh Darlin' by the Beatles. She's a little hiccupy in that way which is currently fashionable. Then she works her way into an overwrought, but powerful, belt. That's four yeses and a golden ticket. Her grandmother, decked out in Mardi Gras beads and umbrella and mask and starts dancing.We then get a montage set to the "True Blood" theme to swamps, crocodiles, and terrible singers and then people crying and being upset.Next up is Paul Jolly who considers singing his "calling." He sings "I Won't Let Go" by Rascal Flatts.He can carry a tune and is very earnest. They love him. That's four yeses and a golden ticket.Next up is Christopher Barthel who calls himself crazy and says he has an alter ego. He is very energetic and terrible as he sings "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert. The judges have a good laught at his voice and moves. That's a no. He takes it well.Next up is Dr. Calvin Peters who is in his third year of residency. We see him at work at the hospital. He's supercute and had a blazing smile. He sings "Whenever, Wherever,Whatever" by Maxwell. He has a decent falsetto but seems a little nervous but sells it well and it gets stronger as it goes along. That's four yeses and a golden ticket for the good doctor.We then get a montage of yeses to Michelle Montezzeri, Breanna Steer, and Brandy Hotard.Next up the judges complain of the heat and a terrible singer.The we meet Dustin Watts a fireman who we see at work at the firehouse and on the truck. He sings "She's Every Woman" by Garth Brooks, it's fine, not spectacular, but acceptable. He seems very nice as well. That's four yeses and a golden ticket. We follow him to the fire station to tell his firemen buddies. They're very happy.The final auditioner is Burnell Taylor whose family lost everything in Katrina. He sings "I'm Here" from "The Color Purple." He's very soft-spoken when talking but comes to great, gospel-like life when he starts singing. It's terrific. The judges love it and three of four give him a standing ovation. Keith says he could turn an atheist. That's four yeses and a golden ticket.We then get a montage of some of the other 34 folks who got golden tickets.We close on Keith looking at Nicki but accidentally saying Mariah. Neither queen is amused and he figures he needs to say 1,000 Hail Marys.

Starring Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, more...

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