The Coat Hanger

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Drama//Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2012, 40 min.

Synopsis Johnny Morgan (Dylan McDermott) meets with a therapist to learn about hypnotherapy. He talks about the first time he tried "it" as a kid, but his foster family saw the evidence and kicked him out.He skinned a cat. Then he started killing them, but he doesn't kill animals anymore. However the urges are harder to ignore since he found out who he is. He has thoughts about hurting women, skinning them like cats. He doesn't think he can live up to his father though; he doesn't have the medical training.Cut to Johnny skinning a woman (probably Theresa) while she's alive and screaming. He takes off the Bloody Face mask, telling her to hold still, it's delicate work.He tells the therapist, his name isn't Morgan, it's Thredson. "I'm the son of Blood Face," he says.1964 A nun takes Lana to see Sister Mary Eunice. She looks at Lana's file and congratulates her on conquering her "sexual perversion."The rabbit died. Mary Eunice suggests a Drain-o margarita. Lana says the "whole rape thing must have been some kind of hallucination from when I hit my head on the dash board in the car crash."She doesn't want to have the baby, but Sister Mary Eunice says she will. "You're worse than Jude, you're a sadist," Lana says. Mary Eunice gives her the test results and she faints.Sister Jude wakes up in traction, cuffed to the bed. Monsignor tells her she killed a man. Jude protests she was defending herself. Then he tells her she killed Frank, the guard.Lee Emerson, aka Bad Santa (Ian McShane), Sister Mary Eunice, and Arden all tell their version of the story in which it was Jude and not Sister Mary Eunice who slashed Frank across the throat.Monsignor said Jude had been showing signs of instability, taking on some of the delusions of some of the patients.Sister Mary Eunice says Jude threatened her with the same straight razor she killed Frank with.A very lucid Bad Santa says he saw Jude slit Frank's throat in cold blood before she tried to kill him. He takes responsibility for his crimes and invokes God.Monsignor tells Jude that a magistrate has determined she'll spend the rest of her life in Briarcliff. He leaves as she's screaming it's a set up.Down in the bakery, Lana watches as the uniforms are delivered, on wire hangers.Up in Jude's old office, Monsignor finds her slinky red nightie among her things. Sister Mary Eunice joins him. Monsignor blames himself, Sister Mary Eunice pledges her allegiance to him and says she wants to save souls all the way to Rome.After Lana is taken back to her cell, she takes a wire hanger out from her clothes.Two nuns hold down Judy and try to force her to take her pills. When Monsignor arrives, he sends the nuns away. He lets Bad Santa in to speak to her. He says he forgives Jude.1963 Jude orders Lee Emerson strapped down in his cell after being caught with the poorly named Sister Chastity. He tells her he doesn't need her forgiveness.1964 Back at her bedside, Emerson kisses Jude lightly on the head and the Monsignor says it's the beginning of the path to true redemption.Lana visits Kit, where he's still strapped down and pretending to be hooked up to his meds. She wants to kill Thredson. Kit says they can't, because it's the only thing keeping him from the death house. He needs Thredson to confess. Lana thinks she might know how to make it happen.Arden checks out his tunnels after his possible alien encounter and the disappearance of Grace's body.Lana visits Thredson in the storage room where they're keeping him. She takes his gag off and offers him water. She shows him her pregnancy test results. He pleads with her not to give the baby away. She tells him she has to get rid of it and takes out her wire hanger.He assures her he can change, but she thinks he's a sociopath who can't be honest with anyone. When he says he can, she asks why he chose Donna Burton.He says he liked her skin so he skinned her alive. Allison Reidel was a secretary at his dentist's office. He put her to sleep first but she kept talking to him. When she asks about Wendy, he says she never loved Lana.Thredson hears his own voice being played back. Kit has taped him confessing on the world's biggest tape recorder. Lana tells him his baby died last night.Flash to Lana in her cell, performing an abortion with her wire hanger and bleeding all over the floor.She tells him she's going to get a knife while on bakery duty and come back later to slit his throat.Kit races through the halls and Arden finds him, wanting to talk.Arden lights Kit a cigarette in his office, pouring him a glass of Scotch. Kit is suspicious.Arden tells him he's seen what Kit saw. He took an impression of the three-toed foot imprints. He says he saw the "little green men" Kit says he saw. He points out Kit had sex with both his wife and Grace before they were taken.He thinks the creatures are experimenting and are studying Kit. "If you were to be brought to the brink of death, they would return to reverse the process," Arden says. "You want to kill me?" "No, Mr. Walker, I want to almost kill you," Arden says.Arden says it would be ideal if Kit would cooperate, Kit agrees on the chance he could see his wife again.Lana hides after her bakery shift. She takes a knife, but is stopped by an orderly who takes it, but doesn't turn her in.Lee Emerson (Bad Santa) prays in the chapel. When Monsignor joins him, Lee thanks him for the chance at redemption. Monsignor thinks Lee could be his miracle, if he could redeem him.Cut to the Monsignor baptizing Lee with his shackles off. Lee thanks the Monsignor, and then dunks him.Back in her room without her knife, Lana takes out her wire hanger and stabs into her pillow with its pointy ends to test it. She leaves her room and goes into Thredson's closet. But he's gone.She runs into Sister Mary Eunice in the hall. When she sees the hanger, Lana tells her it's too late. But Mary Eunice puts her hand on Lana's belly and tells her her attempt failed, and it's a boy.Present One of Dr. Gardner's patients comes for an appointment and finds the room ransacked and Gardner skinned in her chair. She turns around and sees bloody Son of Bloody Face (McDermott) standing there.1964 Lana sees Jude come into the common room. All the patients and nuns give her the evil eye. She joins Lana. "My god, what did they do to you?" Lana asks."Nothing I didn't do to you," Jude says. "Give me a cigarette, I've earned it."Jude apologizes to Lana, saying what she did to Lana was immoral. She promises to make it up to her by getting her out. She vows to earn Lana's trust."Things are gonna change around here," Jude says. She walks over to the record playing "Domnique" incessantly and breaks the record into pieces."Well, hot damn," Lana says.In Arden's lab, he explains to Kit that he's going to inject potassium chloride directly into Kit's heart. After two minutes, he'll use atropine to revive him with adrenaline.Kit admits he's scared, but lies down. "This is going to hurt," Arden warns and jabs Kit. .Kit convulses for a while, then stops moving. Arden checks his pulse, then sees bright white light coming from outside his lab. He runs to the hallway and to one of the cells. Grace is alive, and pregnant full term. Pepper says she'll take care of her.A janitor goes to clean up the church and finds Monsignor strung up on the cross in place of Jesus. He's still alive. At least until the Angel of Death comes to visit him. "Help me," he pleads. "I'm here," she says.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, more...

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