The Bends

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Action/Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 2013

Synopsis Rudy the lab geek freaks out in a lab, trying to figure out what to do. Voices off screen worry about not being able to reach someone. Rudy ponders his options, then flips a lever to release a gas and runs. Men chase after him.24 Hours earlierJohn inhales noodles while Dorian gets impatient that they're keeping someone waiting. John insists it's rude to leave a Japanese meal before you're finished. Dorian speaks Japanese to Yuri, the proprietor. Yuri happily serves up another dish to John: something that looks like a slug, and it's still wiggling. Dorian dares him to eat it, saying he doesn't want to hurt Yuri's feelings. John contemplates the squirming thing and promises Dorian he'll pay for it. Then he scarfs it down.A man gets a call from his wife Kelly and answers, with the video displayed on his palm. He tells his wife he's just stopping at the grocery store but he'll be home before she leaves for work in the morning.He gets out of his car in the dark alley and goes to meet some men, including their android, who scans him for weapons. The man introduces his cook to the boss, referencing a man named Bishop. The droid tries the neon green liquid drug and pronounces it 84% pure. The man asks about his finder's fee.Then Bishop gets a call. He shoots the cook. "Whatever you're thinking you're wrong," the man pleads. They jam a rod in his belly button and pull out a subcutaneous wire. He's a cop. Bishop shoots him.When daylight breaks, John, Dorian and Detective Paul are on the scene. They find the cop's trunk full of the drug Bendzopropene, discovered three years ago and made from algae in the ocean. It's called "Bends."John recognizes the cop, Trevor Cooper, as a friend from years ago and is sure he's not dirty, but he wasn't registered on any undercover operation. Dorian scans his body and finds evidence of the wire.Later at the station, Alexio Barros, captain of narcotics in the 25 division, drops by. Paul is sure it means they were already looking at Cooper for being dirty.Barros tells Maldonado that Cooper was a good cop who was frustrated by not having the resources to investigate the Bends. He thinks he was working a rogue investigation without the department's approval.Maldonado found an account under Cooper's dead father's name with large transactions. She tells Barros she has to investigate the possibility he was dirty. Barros asks to be kept in the loop.John talks to Cooper's wife, Kelly, who says he took a day off earlier in the week to go up to his father's cabin. She says he was coming back from it the night he died.John and Dorian head to the cabin, hoping to find the location to which Cooper's wire was transmitting. "If I lived in a cabin, I'd kill myself," John says. "You should buy a cabin, John," Dorian deadpans.When they arrive, they find the place ransacked. John finds the recorder the wire was transmitting to inside the fire place.Back at the station, they listen to the audio before Cooper was killed. They worry the amount of product Bishop wanted to buy means they could be looking at an epidemic. It's addictive and dangerous.Maldonado finds 25 recent overdose reports and five deaths. John wants to go undercover and pose as a cook for Bishop. Maldonado thinks they need someone skilled in chemistry who can actually cook.John goes straight to Rudy with his sales pitch. Rudy likes the idea of playing the hero. "I've always got some ideas about my alter ego," Rudy says. He wants to wear a sophisticated European disguise.Dorian and John pay a visit to Tony Han, a dealer they want to introduce John to Bishop. They arrive at a seedy club, where John warns Dorian to wait outside because they don't like androids. Seconds later, John goes crashing through the window. He suggests Dorian accompany him in this time.Back at the lab, Rudy works on his cover ID. Paul vetos the fedora.Back at the club, they find 3.65 mL of the Bends on Tony. He wants them to release a woman who was recently locked up in exchange for an intro to Bishop. John tells Dorian to alter the records to release her per officer's discretion.In the lab, Paul tries to rattle Rudy to make sure he keeps his story straight. He manages. He tries to cook a batch, but blows a gasket off and through his MX.Tony sets up the meet with Bishop.John checks with Rudy, who chugs a vial of nasty liquid that turns his whole body into a tracking beacon, a new department invention. He keeps it down and his signal pops up on the map.On the way to the meet, Paul releases animatronic roaches with cameras to follow Rudy. Rudy gets inside and immediately forgets his cover ID and introduces himself as Rudy. Listening in, Dorian suggests he go in to help, but he has to shut down his comm so a scan won't detect his police frequency. Dorian knocks on the door and Rudy rolls with it, saying he's his refurbished bot.They let Dorian in and usher Rudy to the lab, giving him two minutes to mix up a batch. In his element, Rudy is confident as he mixes up a 94% pure batch. From facial recognition on cockroach cam, they ID one bad guy as Effren Cruz and another as Gavin Maxwell, the man who killed Cooper.Bishop walks Rudy down a hallway and gives him something to drink. He downs it and they lose his GPS signal. John, Paul, Stahl and a team bust in the warehouse but find only Rudy's glasses.Meanwhile, Bishop takes Rudy to a fancy new lab.Dorian and John beat up Cruz to get answers. Maxwell isn't the Bishop. They find the vial Maxwell made Rudy down -- it's the department's own recently developed counter-agent for the GPS tracking liquid. They think Maxwell got it from someone in the department.Dorian scans the system and finds Maxwell recently beat a major charge due to lack of evidence, Captain Alexio Barros signed the release papers. Barros is the Bishop.In the fancy lab, Barros comes in and introduces himself to Rudy (who he doesn't recognize as a cop).Barros takes a call from Maldonado, with the courtesy update on the investigation that he asked for. She tells him about the cabin, but that they haven't found anything yet. They track the call to another warehouse.Barros questions Rudy's background, and he delivers and impromptu impassioned speech about loving the work.Barros and Maxwell call the other men in the first warehouse and get worried when they don't pick up. (The scene from the opening.)Rudy hears them start to worry when no one picks up and figure something is wrong. He flips the lever to release the gas and runs, cutting his arm as he flees. Maxwell and his bot follow the blood trail.John and Dorian arrive and start shooting. They see Barros getting away. Dorian finds Rudy hiding and is about to help him when the bad bot attacks.John follows Barros to a tunnel under the warehouse, but discovers he's out of ammo.Dorian fights the bad bot hand-to-hand, the two machines wailing on each other with all their might.John finds Barros down in the tunnel and whacks him with a pipe.The bad bot gets Dorian around the throat and is short circuiting him by choking him, when Dorian grabs a nearby hook on a chain and jams it in the bot's neck, then hoists him up. The bot's body pops off.Down in the tunnels, Barros gets John to the ground and is about to hit him with a pipe when John rolls over with Barros' gun and shoots him. Barros is telling John that they'll never be able to make charges stick because he's a captain. John shoots him in the head.Back at the station, everyone gives Rudy a round of applause. Later in the car, Dorian informs John that he has to take Rudy to his cop bar. Rudy is excited to meet the "badge rabbits" and wonder if they'll go for his fedora. John informs him it's "badge bunnies" and warns them not to embarrass him.

Directed by Kenneth Fink  

Starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, more...

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