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Action/Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 2013

Synopsis (On a black screen)"The Future is coming... Science and technology evolve at an uncontrollable place. Unknown drugs and weapons flood our streets and schools. The contraband is controlled and distributed by violent, faceless, criminal organizations. The crime rate is an astounding 400%. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, law enforcement implements a new strategy: Every police officer is partnered with an advanced, combat-model android."John Kennex and his team fight for their lives in an ambush in an alley, taking on heavy fire. Kennex sees tattoos of thick lines on the back of one of the bad guy's heads. He orders two androids to lead him deeper into the fight, where he joins his partner, Pelham, who is badly wounded. He wants to know how the Syndicate knew they were coming. An android scans Pelham and sees that he is mortally wounded and cannot be saved. He refuses to help Kennex drag him to safety since "others have a better statistical chance of surviving." Kennex starts to drag Pelham away but there's an explosion.In the eerie calm that follows, Kennex looks down and sees his leg has been blown off. His partner is dead. A faceless person tosses a grenade in his direction and walks away. It explodes.Kennex dreams he is in bed with a beautiful woman.When he snaps out of the memory, a doctor starts removing electrodes from Kennex's head and asks him what he remembers. Just the radio call from Pelham, and not much else. He wants to go again.Kennex was in a coma for 17 months. The doctor thinks it's unhealthy to try again, but Kennex reminds the doctor he's not licensed. He's a recollectionist. Kennex wants to know who killed his team. He also remembered his ex-girlfriend, Anna.Kennex leaves the shady place above a tattoo parlor and gets in his car, where he pops a pill. He has a necklace with an "A" on it hanging from his dashboard.An MX unit pulls up and checks on him.Back home, he watches a recording from Anna, mentioning that they're supposed to get married in a week.Captain Maldonado calls him, saying it's time for him to come back to work. There's an armed robbery in progress, they think the Syndicate is behind it. Kennex stands up to reveal his prosthetic leg.At work, Detective Valerie Stahl reminds Detective Vogel they agreed not to talk about their date at work. Kennex comes in and Detective Richard Paul immediately starts complaining, saying that Kennex oversaw the raid and all the intel and got his team killed. He doesn't think Kennex will last.Kennex tells Maldonado he refuses to ride with an MX unit. She reads from his psychological evaluation, which says he has, among other things, PTSD and rejection of his synthetic body parts, but Maldonado wants to know as much as Kennex does who learned about the raid.The same type of weapon was used in the robbery this morning, in which four security guards were killed. She tells him not to tell anyone else about the Syndicate connection.Kennex and his MX arrive at the crime scene and meet up with Stahl. The thieves got away with programmable DNA, which can be used to grow organs in humans. The MX lists the other items that were stolen and when he says "Myclon red," Kennex remembers more of the ambush, including that there were canisters of Myclon red there.Stahl, an intelligence analyst, gives Kennex the reasons she doesn't think the Cambodian gang is involved.Kennex pops another tiny red pill. Back in the car, the MX tells Kennex he knows he just had a seizure. And he knows Kennex was in an area with black market doctors last night. Kennex says he was there for noodles. He assures the MX there's nothing to report.On the freeway, the MX notes that there were no food particles found on him last night, so he wasn't in the area for noodles. Kennex opens the passenger door on the freeway and shoves the MX out into traffic.Kennex drops by Rudy Lom to get a new MX. All the current models are in use, so he gives him an old model that Kennex recognizes as "one of the crazy ones." Lom admits there may be some bugs because of its emotional programming.They wake up Dorian, who's been off for four years.The syndicate gets word that "he" is on the move. In a back room, a tech works on a headless android.In the car, Doran tries to make small talk about Kennex's St. Christopher medal with the A on the back, saying "something like 80 percent" are given as gifts. Kennex knows "synthetics" are supposed to be precise. "I'm running my colloquialism routine, so I express most data conversationally, man," Dorian says.Kennex tries to get Dorian to turn himself off, but Dorian explains he just has to ask him to be quiet. They both hear Kennex's leg reporting the synthetic calibration is incomplete, but say nothing.Detective Vogel stops to get coffee and is ambushed by a Syndicate team.Back at the station, Detective Paul taunts Dorian, telling him not to snap.Kennex gets word that Vogel has been abducted. He and Dorian interrogate the member of the gang who was injured in the morning robbery. Kennex is roughing him up, but Dorian says there's another way. He looks at the man's medical report and concludes he shot himself.The man says he needed to get away from the people he works for. Kennex promises to keep him safe if he talks. He gives them an address to find Det. Vogel.On the way there, Dorian speaks up. "Not that you needed me to tell you this, but you just violated the crap out of that guy's civil rights," he says. "Fantastic, I get the synthetic with the bleeding heart," Kennex says. He threatens Dorian to keep quiet about what happened.Back in the station, the robber is being escorted somewhere when he says he needs to use the bathroom. He gags himself and pulls up a tiny device, which he affixes to the toilet.At the kidnapper's apartment, they see a bomb in the hallway. The MX orders everyone back , but Dorian goes ahead. Kennex follows. It's not a bomb, but the trip wire leads somewhere. Kennex is impressed when Dorian volunteers to lead him in.They find Vogel in a bulletproof box, with some sort of weapon aimed at him. "Payback" is painted on the wall and there's a surveillance camera. Kennex calls the officer transporting the robber and warns him the whole thing is a set up. But it's too late.Whatever the device is that's attached to the bullet proof box with Vogel inside goes off. A gas is released, killing him.Later they watch footage of the robbery suspect escaping after the officer transporting him was killed.Kennex wants Vogel's blood analyzed. Dorian spares him a trip to the lab: he takes the syringe full of Vogel's blood and injects it into his own neck and the data is sent to Rudy.Back at the station, they try to figure out why Vogel was targeted. Dorian notices one of Vogel's case files is missing. Stahl remembers Vogel saying he couldn't access this terminal this morning. "They got into the whole system," Kennex says.Dorian picks up on "they" and asks who he thinks is behind it. Kennex rudely brushes him off, calling him a "synthetic" again. Dorian explains Kennex's problem is he doesn't know himself and trusts no one. Dorian isn't like the other MXs, he was made to feel. They start arguing as Dorian suggests maybe Kennex should blame himself instead of an MX for his partner not making it out. Kennex refuses to argue with a machine and walks away while Dorian struggles to control himself.Kennex gets a call from Rudy: Detective Vogel has myclon red in his system that interacted with the vaccinations all cops receive. The gas targeted his DNA and destroyed it on a molecular level, which is why his face melted. "They're targeting cops," Kennex realizes.Kennex brushes by Dorian and leaves. He goes back to the recollectionist and insists he put him back in. In the ambush, he remembers the MX leaving him and Pelham. Kennex starts to twitch on the machine, but in his memory he gets closer to seeing who threw the grenade. Just when he's about to flatline on the machine, he sees who it was: His girlfriend Anna.Dorian injects Kennex with something to snap him out of the memory. Maldonado used his locator chip to track him.Later, Kennex tells Dorian what he saw. When he came out of his coma, Anna had disappeared. Now he knows why. Kennex's leg starts barking at him again. Dorian suggests olive oil.Kennex thanks Dorian for saving his life. Kennex is his one shot to be on the force; Dorian really wants to be a cop. Kennex acknowledges Dorian isn't like the MXs."MXs have no intuition. Or as you might say, no soul, so they don't experience memories -- it's just recorded data. My series is designed to draw conclusions, make inferences," Dorian explains.Something strikes Kennex. Vogel's MX was fried in the attack, but it witnessed it. He wants to transfer the memory to Dorian and let him make the connections.On a rooftop somewhere, the Syndicate bad guys attach tubes and machines to tanks of chemicals and set up a giant machine.In Rudy's lab, Dorian accesses Vogel's MX's memory and displays it. The leader of Syndicate gang explains to Vogel that Vogel arrested someone years ago and took something into evidence that they want back, and they're going to take it tonight.Kennex calls Maldonado, telling her to initiate lockdown.The Syndicate team initializes their machine on the roof and it sends a pulse into the police station, activating the little machine that the robber affixed to the toilet. All the MX's power down and slump to the floor.The lights go out. Kennex and Dorian run in -- he operates on a different frequency, so he's fine. The bad guys begin releasing the gas into the building as Stahl, Maldonado and Paul reach the opposite roof and take aim.The head bad guy runs inside with a canister and sprays any cop he meets in the face, melting them. He runs into Kennex and Dorian. Kennex has to duck from the gunfire, but Dorian advances, unaffected by the gas.The bad guy has to run, and Stahl runs into him. He's about to gas her, when Kennex tasers him.Later, the bad guy is taken away in a prison jumpsuit and the same barcode tattoo on his neck.The evidence room is a vast warehouse (like the end of Raiders). Maldonado and Kennex think they have to go through every item by hand. Dorian is trying to restore the sabotaged files, but isn't getting anywhere.On a shelf somewhere, an MX head in a box glows with life.Maldonado commends Kennex on a job well done. He asks why she requested he be partnered with Dorian. "The DNR is good for you. He's special, just like you," she says.In the car, Dorian asks Kennex if he wants "quiet mode." "Not necessarily. Call me John," he says.

Directed by Brad Anderson  

Starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, more...

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