Blood Brothers

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Action/Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 2013, 44 min.

Synopsis Kennex waits impatiently for Dorian to "wake up" from the locker room where the bots sleep. Finally, he goes in and sees a naked MX -- his lower half is like a Ken doll. Kennex is slightly thrown.Later in the car, Kennex can't shake the image. Dorian complains it's much worse to live with them -- they stare at him with their lifeless eyes and he has no privacy. He wants his own place. John can't help but ask if Dorian is the same as the MXs. Dorian says his creator was "more thoughtful" and unzips to prove it. "Is that all for one person?" John says, impressed. Dorian says he uses it for the same thing John uses his for -- nothing. Then he teases him about Stahl.Captain Maldonado testifies at the murder trial of fertility specialist Dr. Liam Fuller. He was shot execution style at point blank by a high capacity assault pistol. The accused is Ethan Avery, and his fingerprints and DNA weren't found at the scene. Maldonado says two unrelated eye witnesses ID'd him.In the holding room, the two young female witnesses wait to testify. One announces she's a psychic and a medium, then tells Hailey Meyers that Hailey's grandmother is talking to her. When it's time for Hailey Meyers to testify, she does so remotely from their protective custody. She testifies that she had just finished her shift as a nurse when she was walking to the parking garage and saw a man walking to the garage.Hailey suddenly stops talking as she hears something in the hall. Someone blasts away the MX guarding the safehouse room door, then busts in the door. The people in the courtroom watch the video feed of Hailey fly across the room as she is shot. The psychic hears the shots from in the bathroom and climbs out the window as the unseen shooter blasts away the police guard.The psychic runs through the woods as, in the courtroom, Ethan Avery smiles menacingly at Capt. Maldonado.Later, drones fly over the woods looking for the psychic as Dorian walkd the ground below. Dorian picks up a heat signature and minds Maya Vaughn.At the scene, Paul and John find no physical evidence. There was a tracker placed on the bailiff that led the shooter to the safe house.Out in the hall, Stahl collects pieces of the blasted MX to bring to Rudy to see if he can reassemble it. The MX assisting her reports a sports score and John is surprised she's a fan -- he's taping the game.Maldonado pays a visit to Avery, who is smug about the witness's murder. He points out he's had no visitors or calls and been in solitary, so he couldn't have ordered a hit. He coolly taunts her, telling her she's not important and is invisible to all the people she works with. She promises to make sure he never gets out.Dorian and John talk to Maya Vaughn, who reports the dead witness Hailey saw who killed her. "I'm a medium psychic- on good days I'm a petite psychic," she jokes. She had the cerebellex procedure to increase brain usage in humans. If she holds a dead person's things, she can communicate with them. Hailey says via Maya that Ethan Avery killed her. Hailey says she saw his face.They report back to Maldonado, where Rudy joins them with isolated audio from the shooting, belonging to Ethan Avery. He's positive it's live and not a recording.They've already confirmed he's not a twin and there's no file suggesting Avery might have cloned himself. Stahl suggests that because the victim was a fertility specialist, there might be a connection. They've never been able to establish motive or any connection between the two.In the station, Maya is impressing all the cops with readings. Then she gets a message from Hailey.Stahl meets with Adelaide Jones, Liam Fuller's former researching assistant on a paper about producing stem cells for human cloning 20 years ago. The test subjects were anonymous, but she suggests his papers might be at Fuller's mother's house, where they worked.John realizes Maya slipped out when Paul went to get her a cup of coffee. Dorian scans security footage and finds her outside, where they pick her up. She says she's supposed to give Hailey's parents a message from her.In the car, Maya tells John he has a red, angry aura. She has a vision of him in darkness with someone watching running and the smell of bourbon. John's dismissing her when a van pulls out in front of their car and men with guns wearing masks get out. John tries to drive away as they start firing. Dorian can't get out because he doesn't have his chest plate. Maya gets hit through the window, as does one of the gunmen, who the other calls "Eli." They leave him. John pulls off his mask and finds it's Ethan Avery, just 10 years younger. They were all clones.Maya has a chipped collarbone and punctured lung and is in the hospital. They're stumped on how Avery found them.In the hospital, Dorian says she was lucky, but she explains never has been before. Both her parents were killed in a car crash when she was 19. She got the procedure in the hopes she could talk to them again. But their house burnt to the ground while she was recovering from it and she lost everything and, with no items of theirs to touch, she has no way to connect to them.Back at the crash site, an MX scans John's car and finds no trackers. John uses a secure line to call Rudy in the lab, where he's working on the MX shot at the safe house. Its comm unit is missing; the bad guys are monitoring police signals.Stahl and her MX go to Liam Fuller's mother's house and go in to look around. Stahl accesses the computer files and finds cloning files linking Fuller and Avery. She tells her MX to send them to Maldonado as she goes to the basement. She finds four perfectly made beds. She hears a noise from upstairs and finds her MX incapacitated. She's drawing her weapon when she's grabbed by three Ethan Averys.Back at the station, Maldonado tells everyone about the compromised police frequencies. She gets the files from Stahl's MX showing that Fuller is the one who cloned Avery and he was going to expose it. John realizes they were sent over the compromised frequency. He gets a call from Stahl -- but it's actually an Avery clone.He wants to trade the original Ethan Avery for Stahl. He gives John two hours to come alone to the woods.At the station, Maldonado tells John to get Avery and a transport vehicle. She has a plan, but needs Rudy's help.She goes to get Avery and then broadcasts over the compromised frequency that he's about to be released. The Avery clones head out.John arrives at the meeting spot in the transport vehicle. Maldonado walks Avery down the corridor of the prison as the cameras watch them. Rudy calibrates the scanners.From the back of the transport vehicle, Rudy starts the hologram projection. It displays Maldonado walking Avery down the hallway, but it looks as if they're walking in the woods toward the clones.The clones believe it's him and it's going well, but in the prison, Maldonado is running out of hallway. They need to get Stahl back from the clones quickly.As they're getting closer, the hologram fuzzes out momentarily and the clones realize they've been had. Stahl whacks one of her captors and runs as Dorian and John start firing. Stahl makes it to safety, but the clones get back in their van and drive off. Dorian races after them. When he catches up to the van, he flips the speeding van over. Moments later, it bursts into flames.Back in the prison, Maldonado gets word that Stahl is safe. She tells Avery he's going back to jail.In the courtroom later, Maya testifies about seeing Avery shoot Fuller.When she's done, she reminds John about her vision of him and promises the universe has a way of working things out.Maldonado gloats to Avery, promising him his cloning accomplishment will mean nothing in a few years when everyone will have forgotten him.In the parking lot, Dorian brings Maya something. It's a box with the evidence from the arson investigation at her parents' house. She touches the doorknob and starts to cry tears of joy.At the station late at night, Stahl brings John bourbon from her desk drawer. He's catching the game he recorded. He realizes he's watching running in the dark, like Maya said he would be.

Directed by Omar Madha  

Starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, more...

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