All in a Night's Work

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Comedy, USA, 1961, 94 min.

Synopsis While on vacation in Palm Beach, Katie Robbins, a researcher for a Manhattan publishing house, saves an inebriated millionaire from drowning. When she sheds her wet clothes, however, the grateful millionaire becomes so amorous that Katie is forced to flee, clad only in a towel and earrings. She darts into somebody else's room and finds a man lying in bed with a blissful smile on his face. As she races back into the corridor, the house detective spies her and gives chase. Though he loses her, he finds one of her earrings. Unknown to Katie, the stranger in bed was the deceased head of the publishing firm where she works. Playboy Tony Ryder inherits the company and is warned that the firm will probably be blackmailed by the mystery woman seen running from the dead man's room. Once Tony spots Katie with the missing earring, he immediately leaps to the wrong conclusion and tries to thwart any blackmail attempts by giving Katie a $200 a week raise. Furthermore, he tries to speed up her marriage to veterinarian Warren Kingsley, Jr., in the hope that Katie will ease up on her demands. When this backfires, Tony invites Katie to his apartment for dinner. After filling her with champagne and romantic ideas, he announces that he is willing to forgive her for trying to blackmail the firm. Furious, Katie stalks out. Tony then realizes that Katie is innocent and that he is in love with her.

Directed by Joseph Anthony  

Starring Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine, Cliff Robertson, Charles Ruggles, Norma Crane, more...

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