The Things We Bury

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Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We open in Austria during the year 1945. Dr. Whitehall and his team are forcing people to hold the obelisk and seeing how long it takes them to die. A female prisoner is brought in. But instead of dying the obelisk lights up. Before he can get her into surgery word comes down that Red Skull has died and the Allies are approaching.In present day Whitehall brings in The Doctor looking for information on the obelisk. The Doctor tells him the obelisk is a key. And if one of the "special people" takes the obelisk to a "special place" it will something "much cooler than just kill.May reminds Coulson that Senator Ward wants them to stay away from the case. Coulson tells Skye he believes Hydra will be led to the alien city by the obelisk.Bobbi is working on getting Bakshi to talk. He's not buckling yet.Bobbie comes outside and shares with everybody that Bakshi is referring to Whitehall as a contemporary of Red Skull's even though the latter has been dead for 70 years.Ward finally tracks down his brother at their family's summer residence. He pulls the Senator out of his car and tosses him down a hill.The team lands in Hawaii. Coulson begins barking out somewhat strange orders to Skye and Trip. He tells Fitz to begin practicing putting together a transceiver in less than six minutes.Bobbi tells Hunter she can't figure out what Bakshi sees in Whitehall. She thinks he may have crossed Whitehall at some point.Simmons tells May that in her research she's found no reference to Red Skull, but she's located references to someone named Werner Reinhardt, who was a commander of Red Skull's. May grabs a hidden key to another vault.We flash back to 1945 and a then-SSR base prison called The Rat. We see Whitehall questioned by British agent. He had been going by the name Reinhardt. She's found all of his "research," including the people he was experimenting on. He referencing a myth of visitors who he believes came to the world to conquer.In present day The Doctor tells Whitehall he thinks the aliens came to end mankind, save a selected few. The obelisk was known as The Diviner because it determined who lives and dies. Only someone who can carry the obelisk is allowed to enter the temple inside the alien city. Whitehall is going to give The Doctor a team to find the city.Ward cuffs the senator and brings him to the well from their childhood and tosses him a shovel. It's been buried and he wants him to dig it up. Ward still blames him for what happened to their brother Thomas.Fitz, Skye and Trip can't figure out what Coulson is up to with the various assignments. He shows up and tells them to head to Australia to "steal a network."In the hidden vault Hunter finds Reinhardt's file. Simmons is stunned that it is Whitehall, who for some reason was able to turn back time.We're back in 1945 at The Rat. The agent is planning to bury him in a prison, along with all of his work. We fast-forward through 44 years of Whitehall's imprisonment. In 1989 Bakshi shows up to rescue him under the guise of a pardon. They take him to Austria and bring him the people from his original experiment. Shockingly the woman who could handle the obelisk in the opening scene has not aged a day. Whiteall wants to figure out why.Simmons determines 1989 was the key year for Whitehall.Bobbi shows Bakshi Whitehall's file from the 1940s. She wonders whether or not his boss will give him yet another chance. Bakshi knocks his head on the table, dislodging a cyanide capsule.Right before getting tossed down the well the senator finally admits to Ward he was the one responsible for what happened to their brother. He says he was jealous that Thomas was the one child who was never tortured by their mother.Coulson and his team arrives his Australia. He explains the plan, which involves taking down a U.S.-controlled satellite in Hawaii. When it goes down, the back-up is located in Australia. Fitz needs to attach the device he's been working on in order to allow Skye to hack the satellite. The network will allow them to map the Earth and find the alien city. The team is surprised to run into HYDRA agents and are forced to exchange gunfire to get Fitz to the access point. Trip is hit and they're worried he'll bleed out. That's when The Doctor appears from another room and offers his assistance. He uses the opportunity to disarm Coulson after slipping up and revealing he knows Coulson's first name, which in turn reveals who he really is. They discuss the obelisk and The Doctor runs off, allowing Coulson to finish saving Trip.We see that back in 1945 Whitehall took as many internal organs as he could from the woman. It worked and allowed him to turn back time.Ward pays Whitehall a visit and offers his services. We learn that Ward killed his brother and parents, and framed the Senator for the deaths as a murder-suicide.Bobbi managed to save Bakshi, who is in intensive care. She and Hunter argue over the interrogation and their relationship. It ends up with them in the back of their car having sex.Skye has access to the satellite and is looking for the city. She notices something's wrong with Coulson and Fitz, who don't tell about seeing The Doctor.The Doctor returns to see Whitehall, who is with Ward. Whitehall thinks the three of them will make a great team.We flashback 25 years to The Doctor finding his wife, who, it turns out, was the same woman Whitehall killed and butchered. He assures her body that "I'll do to him what he did to you."

Directed by Milan Cheylov  

Starring Clark Gregg, Ming-Na, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, more...

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