Face My Enemy

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Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, 2014, 42 min.

Synopsis Open at a church called Santa Maria De Las Flores. It has just experienced a devastating fire. A priest is brought to see a painting of Mary and Jesus that was the only thing to survive the destruction. On the back of the painting he's shown the same symbols from the obelisk.In South Beach the team is working on an operation to steal the 500-year old painting from the opening scene. It's at a benefit to rebuild the church, being held at the home of Gabriel Soto.Coulson and May attend the benefit undercover as a married couple. They dance and scope out the situation. They also talk about the fact Coulson's health is very much in doubt. They spot a slightly drunk General Talbot. Talbot says he won't blow their cover "unless I have to," but Coulson decides this development means they have to go for the painting now rather than waiting until later in the event.May flirts with Soto in order to see the "miracle painting" in person. She has Coulson take a photo of them so he can capture the host's eyes on the phone. They use the picture to cheat the home's retina scanners and get into the elevator. They are forced to trip the laser grid when they reach the storage room. But when they reach it Skye finds a record that Talbot and the government took possession of the painting that morning.We see Tablot making a call to Whitehall, both to say he took possession of the painting and inform him that S.H.I.E.L.D. is there. Whitehall says he has a new plan.Coulson and May run into Talbot on their way out of the home. Talbot asks for help deciphering the writing on the back of the painting. He offers Coulson a chance to examine it at a secure military facility. Coulson agrees and they plan to meet in an hour.May goes to the hotel room ahead of Coulson and encounters a Hydra agent looking at their file. She attacks her, then is approached from behind Talbot. During the fight we see that it wasn't actually Talbot, but Bakshi wearing a Talbot bio mask. May is knocked out and Bakshi realizes Coulson doesn't trust Talbot enough for them to complete their mission. Using a drop of blood from May they're able to create a May bio mask.Fitz and his hallucination of Simmons talk about the fact he's not joining the rest of the team as they talk about their personal lives. Fitz doesn't think anybody cares what he has to say. He even thinks they value Ward more than him.Fake May arrives at HQ and pulls Coulson out for a private conversation. She seems to convince Coulson that Talbot's offer was legit. While she's there she appears to remotely trigger something on the bus.The real May wakes up. Bakshi questions her, asking who is in charge and where S.H.I.E.L.D. is based. He tells her she'll soon be meeting his boss, who is effective at getting people to talk.Fake May and Coulson drive to see Talbot. They discuss his health concerns and Coulson tells her that if something happens to him, she is only one he trusts to take over in a leadership role. Fake May grabs his hand and say "I won't let you down."The bus begins to act erratically, responding as if it's preparing for a water landing even though they are on the ground. All the exits are locked, trapping the team inside. Fitz realizes they've been sabotaged. The plane has been infected with a virus and could explode.Just before they enter the hotel room Coulson figures that Fake May is a fraud. He punches her in the face. Inside the room May breaks free and goes after Bakshi. May comes out from the room and begins to fight Fake May. Bakshi tries to flee with the painting. Coulson goes after him.Fitz uses Hunter as his hands to work on fixing the virus.Coulson knocks Bakshi to the ground just as he's calling for back-up.Fitz fixes the plane with Hunter's help.Coulson gets the painting just as May takes out Fake May. He grabs May and they leave the building just before the Hydra back-up arrives.Fitz has a celebratory beer with the guys after they survive the Hydra attack.Coulson and May tell Talbot about the painting and Hydra impersonating him. They lie and say the painting was destroyed. After hanging up with him May and Coulson discuss that it's dangerous Hydra is searching for evidence of the alien writing. The writing on the painting is brand new, meaning there is somebody else out there like Coulson. May tells Coulson she already has a plan for if thing go south with him. She will take him out of the country and get him away from everything. He tells her it won't work, she has to kill him if he goes the way of Garrett. She doesn't like the idea, but nods in agreement.Whitehall and his agents surprise Raina in her car. He mentions the obelisk, places a device on her hand and gives her 48 hours to bring it to him.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen  

Starring Clark Gregg, Ming-Na, Chloe Bennet, Brett Dalton, Iain De Caestecker, more...

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