A Fractured House

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Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2014, 41 min.

Synopsis We open at UN Headquarters in New York. During a discussion of SHIELD led by General Talbot a group of men enter the chamber and begin killing people with a weapon that seems to produce the same result as contacting the obelisk.May rushes in and tells everybody about the UN attack, which killed six and injured many more. Coulson assures the team is wasn't actually them, but rather Hydra trying to turn public opinion against SHIELD. The man responsible was an assassin named Scarladi who leads a team of mercenaries. Simmons says she saw mention of such a weapon while at Hydra. It was deigned by a Hydra munitions expert named Tashiro. Coulson sends May, Hunter and Bobbi to Japan.Talbot meets with a Senator Christian Ward, who is the head of the Armed Forces Committee. Christian is fired-up to shut SHIELD down. Talbot makes reference to the fact Christian is Ward's brother.Coulson watches Christian railing on TV against SHIELD. His plan is an international police force designed to target and SHIELD and its agents. He's opposed on the broadcast by Belgium's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julien Beckers. Coulson thinks this proposal must be stopped at all costs because it will put all of their agents at risk.Coulson instructs Skye to speak with Ward and try to get any intel she can on Christian. Coulson talks to an Agent Walters, based out of Netherlands. He tells her to go dark and stay safe.On the flight to Japan Hunter and Bobbi talk about their past. It doesn't go well.Simmons has Fitz help her search the hard drive she stole from Hydra to see if there's anything on it related to the attacks.Syke asks Ward about Christian. Ward is convinced this is about him and asks her whether Christian knows he's at SHIELD. The conversation shifts to The Doctor and Coulson pops his head in to warn her to "stay on mission."May decides the plan should be for Bobbi to attempt to use her Hydra cover in case it hasn't been blown. She knows Tashiro and thinks she can get him bragging. May and Hunter have surveillance on the Bobbi's meeting with Tashiro. After a few pleasantries Bobbi and Tashiro kiss deeply. Tashiro asks Bobbi about a rumor she's working for SHIELD. He tells her the bombs used in the UN attack, Splinter Bombs, were shipped out yesterday. The Splinter Bombs were built using the obelisk.May and Hunter intercept a piece of communication going to Tashiro's people that instructs them to take out Bobbi. They move in just in time to save her life and take out Tashiro and his people. They learn the Hydra's plan is to take out a man named Beckers.Fitz and Simmons are having trouble interacting. He's upset she left at a time he most needed her help. He wants to know why she left but she leaves without giving an answer.Coulson pays Christian a visit in his office. Coulson's arranged for an hour for them to be alone. Coulson threatens exposing the fact Christian's brother is Hydra and tells him "I have your brother in my basement." When Coulson tells Christian he knows about his childhood cruelty with Ward and their other brother, Christian responds that it was actually Ward who was the one who tortured their other brother. He says Ward lied to their parents about what happened.At the same time Skye is meeting with Ward, who assures her that Christian is the real liar. He also tells her about The Doctor and her mother, who was killed. Ward says The Doctor "lost it" when he lost his family. He promises Skye he can take her to him, but doesn't have anything concrete to give her. She tells him that Coulson had arranged for Ward to be transferred to Christian's custody in exchange for dropping his attack on SHIELD.We see Scarladi given information on Beckers' location.Using the hard drive Fitz figures out that Beckers' grandfather was actually the original Hydra scientist who developed the weapons they're currently using.Ward tries to convince Coulson he's part of the team and can help them. Coulson angrily responds that he betrayed all of them, including killing several people. Ward thinks Christian's goal is to have him executed near the midterm elections.Coulson is shown Beckers' connection to Hydra. They've figured out that Beckers has actually been working with Whitehall. Coulson realizes "we've been played" and asks that someone get in contact with their safe house in Belgium. Hydra's plan was to trick SHIELD into thinking Beckers' home country was a safe haven.Cut to the Bruges safe house and Beckers killing the SHIELD agents. Moments later Hunter, May, and Bobbi arrive. They take out Scarladi and his team.Simmons thanks Mac for helping Fitz while she was gone. He says he's noticed that the only thing that makes Fitz worse is her. She says it's part of the reason she left.Hunter tells Bobbi he's thinking of leaving. She says "If you want to stay, stay."We see Christian announce publicly that his brother was a member of Hydra and a traitor. He promises to make sure he pas for his crimes. He also points to Hydra as the problem that must be addressed.Meanwhile, while Ward is being transported in an armored car with a full security team... he says to Coulson as he is escorted away that he made Skye a promise, and he intends to keep it.... on the way, Ward manages to get out of his handcuffs by breaking his thumb... and then overtakes the guards, managing to get the gun away from one and starts shooting everyone inside... it is obvious Ward has escaped... and has no problem killing people to do so...The episode ends with a man walking into a tattoo shop. He's in the process of having the alien symbols tattooed all over his body.

Directed by Ron Underwood  

Starring Clark Gregg, Ming-Na, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, more...

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