Time and Tide

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Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, USA, 2015, 41 min.

Synopsis Agent Peggy Carter continues on her double mission to clear Howard Stark while fending off the rampant misogyny at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. As she and Stark's butler Jarvis work to uncover who took the genius inventor's secret cache of inventions, the fellas at SSR follow the trails of the two dead men with no voice boxes. Carter not only has to hide her side project from her fellow agents, but also her friend and roommate Angie. The capable, talented Agent Carter has to appear to be just the opposite to keep her secrets safe, but she's torn between wanting credit for her own good work and knowing that exposure would bring her more aggravation than accolades. Batman could probably relate.Meanwhile, the SSR investigation into the Roxxone explosion leads them to Stark's car, and to Jarvis, who appears to be hiding an unsavory incident in his past.***Agent Peggy Carter goes through books looking for the heart with the squiggle through it that Leet Brannis drew in the dirt before he died. She finds a man scaling her wall outside and draws a gun on him, but he's just trying to find one of her boarding house mates, the next window over.Meanwhile, Agents Roger Dooley and Ray Krzeminski go to the room rented by the other man with no voice box. They find passports and money stuffed in a chair and his typewriter communicator.At the boarding house in the morning, Molly is chipper after her evening in with the wall climber Jimmy. The boarding house mistress Miriam Fry addresses the girls and busts Molly for sneaking in a man, kicking her out.Back at the office, they ID Brannis as a former Russian army soldier, who was supposedly killed two years ago. They haven't ID'd the other man but think the typewriter is a long-range transmitter. Agent Sousa reports the license plate found in the Roxxone wreckage belonged to Howard Stark.Carter drops by Jarvis' house next to Stark's with an idea to find out how the thieves broke into Stark's "impenetrable" vault. Jarvis reports a storm knocked the alarm on it out for two hours. Suddenly, there's a knock on Stark's door, it's Sousa and Agent Thompson.Jarvis tells them the car was stolen but they ask him to come downtown.Back at the office, Krzeminski tries to find someone to cover his night shift.Thompson talks to Jarvis in an interrogation room. Carter watches from behind the one-way glass. Dooley holds the stolen car report, which he plans to "lose in the system" to hold against Jarvis. Thompson mentions that Jarvis was charged with treason and dishonorably discharged, although he doesn't have the details. He threatens to tell everyone and have Jarvis deported.Dooley thinks Jarvis is about to crack. Carter leaves to grab some paperwork then returns to interrupt Dooley for his signature.Thompson and Dooley conference in the hall then when they open the door to talk to Jarvis, Carter makes sure Jarvis can hear her as she apologizes to Dooley for mistakenly taking his stolen car report. Understanding what's going on, Jarvis takes the opportunity to leave.Later, Dooley chews out Carter for blowing it with Jarvis as every man in the office listens.That night at the boarding house, Carter is about to head out when Angie stops by wanting to gab. She gets miffed when Carter tries to get her to leave. Mrs. Fry introduces them to the newest resident, Dottie.Later that night, Carter meets with Jarvis, who doesn't feel like sharing. They get right to rappelling down into the hole blasted through the floor from the safe room. There's a storm tunnel below and Carter suggests with enough rainfall, Brannis could have just used a boat to float the hundreds of pounds of Stark inventions out to the river.Back at SSR, Thompson IDs the other man with no voice box as Sasha Demidov, who was also reported dead years ago.Down in the tunnels, Carter tells Jarvis she needs to know his past. He's hesitant but explains that before the war he traveled with a general and ended up in Budapest, where he met a Jewish woman named Anna. The general refused to sign papers that would guarantee her safe passage out, so Jarvis forged his name. Howard Stark saved him from being hanged for treason. He married Anna.Carter and Jarvis reach the end of the storm tunnel and look out to the river. They see a boat with Brannis' symbol on it.As they approach the boat from the dock and unseen man in a fedora watches them. Inside the ship's hull, they find boxes of Stark's stolen items. Carter suggests they call it in and Jarvis tries to help her realize doing so would only get her in trouble. She thinks it will make her fellow agents respect her, but he argues they'll just use it against her. She tells him to call it in to Sousa.With Jarvis gone to make the call, a muscle bound man attacks Carter in the hull. The man says Brannis told him "one of you" would be coming. Carter fights the man off, but he tosses her to the ground. She escapes as he swings a led pipe at her, but he soon pins it against her windpipe. Jarvis returns and whacks the man on the head, but is quickly overpowered. Carter grabs one of Stark's nearby inventions and uses it to paralyze the man. They run when they hear sirens approaching.Sousa and Krzeminski arrive at the boat and find the man unconscious inside, along with all of Stark's inventions. Krzeminski is thrilled, but Sousa thinks it was handed to them.Later, agents come to pick up all the Stark stuff. Krzeminski drives the muscle man back to the office and he mentions the "English broad with a solid right hook" who was on the boat. When they stop at a train crossing, a car re-ends them. Krzeminski gets out to talk to the driver and gets a chest full of bullets. Then the men gun down the muscle man, even as he insists he didn't talk.The next morning, Peggy comes in to work to see everyone somber and sullen. She sees the flowers on Krzeminski's desk. Sousa is bothered that the anonymous tip came to SSR directly and thinks it means they were targeted.Dooley addresses everyone, reminding them Krzeminski's death is Howard Stark's fault.Later that night, Peggy drops by the diner where Angie works and gets a cold reception. She asks to tell Angie about her day and shares how upset she is over Krzeminski's death. Angie brightens and they make plans to share a bottle of schnapps.

Directed by Scott Winant  

Starring Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham, more...

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