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Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, USA, 2015, 41 min.

Synopsis On a Russian battlefield, Dr. Ivchenko is summoned to help hypnotize a soldier who needs his leg amputated -- they're all out of anesthetic.Three Years LaterIvchenko watches with Agent Dooley as Agent Sousa interrogates Peggy Carter. Carter desperately tries to convince Sousa that there's a trained killer out there as Ivchenko says she's a pathological liar.Agent Thompson interrupts Dooley to tell him Agent Yauch was hit by a truck coming out of a bar. Thompson chafes at Ivchenko watching Peggy. Thompson, Sousa and Dooley take turns talking to Peggy as she calmly tries to explain that Howard Stark is not the man they're after and she's not involved with him.Dooley asks about the Battle of Finau and Peggy explains she didn't see any action there. "You think you know me, but I've never been more than what each of you has created. To (Dooley) I'm a stray kitten left on your doorstep to be protected, (to Thompson) the secretary turned damsel in distress, (to Sousa) the girl on the pedestal transformed into some daft whore. You're behaving like children. What's far worse is that this is just shoddy police work," Peggy says, telling them they should be after Dottie Underwood.In a baby shop, Dottie buys a baby carriage.Alone again with Peggy, Thompson warns her that soon Dooley will soon ask him to start beating a confession out of her.Jarvis arrives, saying he has a signed confession from Howard Stark. Stark is prepared to turn himself in if Jarvis and Peggy are let go. Dooley agrees, but also kicks Peggy out of the SSR.Alone with Peggy, Jarvis is forced to admit that Howard Stark didn't write the confession, he did. Peggy questions what they're supposed to do when Stark doesn't turn himself in.With Ivchenko listening in, Dooley makes a heartfelt call to his wife, trying to patch things up.From the conference room, Peggy has a clear line of sight as Ivchenko stands at Dooley's window and makes hand signals to Dottie across the street. She writes down the morse code, which warns them to prepare for evacuation. Leviathan is coming in 90 minutes.Peggy goes to Dooley and tells him Stark's confession is fake. She sits the agents down and tells them about her investigation and what she just saw Dr. Ivchenko doing. When Sousa asks why she didn't come to them earlier, she says: "I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me, because unless I have your reports, your coffee or your lunch, I am invisible."To finally convince them, Peggy reveals the vial with Steve Rogers' blood. She tells them how Howard tricked her into stealing it.The men conference in the hall, with Sousa arguing he believes Peggy. Dooley orders agents to check the building across the way. Back in his office, he asks Ivchenko to close the window and the doctor sees agents going into the building. He turns to Dooley and starts hypnotizing him by turning his ring.In the building across the street, Thompson tells Sousa he believes Peggy, too.Ivchenko finishes with Dooley and he goes straight to Peggy and Jarvis and escorts them to an interview room. He turns a gun on Peggy then locks her in, breaking off the key in the lock.Across the street, Dottie sees Sousa and ducks into an office.Dooley marches into the lab with Ivchenko and orders everyone out. Ivchenko is interested in Stark's item 17. As they look, Ivchenko finds a vest that interests him.Dooley finds item 17.Across the street, Sousa pulls a gun on Dottie but she wheels around and kicks it away. He's able to fend her off with a mop and bucket and get his gun back, firing as she runs. Dottie leaps down the stairwell, grabbing onto each side like Spider-Man until she reaches the ground.At SSR, Ivchenko takes the case from Dooley and hands him the vest, reminding him that he knows what to do.Dottie picks Ivchenko up at the curb outside. He wants to test what's in the case, saying that SSR will soon be far too busy to worry about them.Back in interrogation, Jarvis and Peggy are handcuffed to the table and decide to use it as a battering ram through the glass. But after breaking it, they realize they're still attached to the table. Thompson finds them.Dooley arrives at his house. He tells his wife he just let a suspect escape but he doesn't care, he just wants to come home. Dooley is awoken form his dream by Thompson pounding on the door to his office.Dooley is wearing Stark's vest, which Jarvis recognizes immediately as one designed as a warmer and body armor, but with incredibly flawed design. It usually overheats and explodes.Across the street, Sousa finds the body of the dentist Dottie carved up along with Dottie's messages from Ivchenko, including the latest telling her to kill Peggy Carter.As Dooley starts to cook in the vest, the scientists have to admit they have no idea what to do. Dooley grabs Thompson's gun and asks Peggy to promise they'll get Ivchenko. When she does, he turns and fires at the window as he races toward it. Dooley crashes through the window and it hurtling toward the street below when he explodes.Later, amid the wreckage, Peggy blames herself for bringing Ivchenko to SSR. But Jarvis says Stark is to blame, the vest was his invention. Peggy remembers back to Stark's inventions starting the whole thing and what Leviathan originally charged Leet Brannis with stealing. They race to find Steve Rogers' blood.Meanwhile, Dottie wheels her baby carriage into a movie theater. She opens the valve on a canister in the carriage and walks out.In the SSR lab, Peggy finds that Steve's blood is still there. They search to find what Ivchenko took, but Jarvis has no idea what item 17 does.In the movie theater, people start coughing and then attacking each other violently. An usher unbars the door to let in a late-arriving couple and finds a blood bath.

Directed by Vincent Misiano  

Starring Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham, more...

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