Now Is Not the End

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Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, USA, 2015, 43 min.

Synopsis We open with scenes from "Captain America," when Peggy tries to convince Steve not to crash land the lane in the water.New York City, 1946Alone in her apartment, Peggy makes herself a cup of tea. She looks at the headlines about Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark, who is on trial for selling weapons to the enemy.Quick scenes of Peggy kicking butt in "Captain America" roll, then she's back in her humdrum apartment she shares with a roommate, Colleen, working the swing shift. Peggy puts her gun in her purse and heads to "the office."At New York Bell Company she walks past the operators and waits for the secret door to open. She walks into her real office, Strategic Scientific Research.The agents gather to watch news reels of Howard Stark testifying before Congress, saying he didn't knowingly sell technology to enemies of the US. So far, six pieces of his technology have turned up in enemy states.The final day of the hearings was yesterday and he didn't show. Carter's boss Roger Dooley orders the agents to find him. When Carter tries to defend Stark, she's treated to a hearty round of sexism and implications by Ray Krzeminski that her only role with Captain America was as lover. Agent Daniel Sousa defends her but just ends up being mocked for his trouble. Carter thanks him, but tells him she can handle them.Agent Jack Thompson dumps paperwork on her, saying she's better at it. "What kind of thing is that? The alphabet? I can teach you. Let's start with words beginning with the letter 'A.'""Poor guy, heard he had his personality shot off in Iwo Jima," Sousa says.Peggy gets lunch at the diner where her friend Angie works. When she gets up for pie she returns to a note telling her to meet in the alley in five minutes. She goes outside, where a man tells her she's coming with him. She decks him then runs. She fires at the car that corners her, but the driver is Howard Stark.In the car, he explains that a month ago someone broke into the vault where he kept his "bad babies," the inventions too dangerous to sell. He wants her to clear his name. "You're asking me to become a traitor to prove you're not one, you do see the irony, right?" she says.Stark gets out at the dock and warns her that an implosive he invented called molecular nitramene could be hitting the market in a day. He offers the services of his butler, Edwin Jarvis (the man she decked).The next day, Peggy reports to work with renewed purpose. Sousa tells her Thompson has a lead on a fence, Spider Raymond, peddling Stark's latest. She brings the coffee in the room to eavesdrop and hears that Spider likes blondes. Peggy asks for a sick day for "lady's things."Later that night at Le Martinque club, Spider ( Andre Royo) sits down with the man who broke into Stark's basement, Leet Brannis (James Frain). Peggy saunters in in a low cut ball gown and blonde wig and says she has something she'd like to sell to Spider. She applies "sweet dreams" lipstick before she goes in.She asks about buying the chemical formula for him, flirting and sitting in his lap. He kisses her and passes out.Carter cracks his safe and finds a glowing orb. She calls Jarvis, who checks Stark's notes and finds that the orange glow means that it has a blast radius of 500 yards. He tells her the solution necessary to disarm it then leaves to attend to his wife's soufflé.Thompson, Krzeminski and Dooley arrive. One of Spider's men finds Peggy in the office and she quickly subdues him with a smartly wielded nearby stapler.Peggy passes a sinister looking man on her way out of the office. The man, Spider's buyer, sees that his weapon is gone and shoots Spider. The agents find him dead. The buyer sees Peggy leave.Peggy returns home, where her roommate is sick in bed. She whips up the disarming formula in the bathroom with some household chemicals but hears a crash from the other room. She finds Colleen in bed with a bullet hole in her head and the buyer lurking behind her. Peggy turns and kciks him, grabs his gun and comes out swinging. As he holds her against a wall, she notices a red mark with three points on the man's neck. She fends off his knife then whacks him with a burner grate and tosses him out the window. Despite the several story drop, he disappears after he hits the ground.Peggy meets with Jarvis at Angie's diner. They take the bomb to a Stark scientist who says only Roxxon chemicals was cabable of making it. He mentions it's still emitting Vita rays.Peggy goes to work and takes down the "Rebirth" file containing Steve Rogers info. She finds what she's looking for: the device that finds Vita rays.Meanwhile, the nefarious buyer sets up a kind of radio connected to his typewriter to report on Agent Carter. He's given permission to complete the mission at all costs.Later that night, Jarvis drives Peggy to Roxxon, which is heavily guarded despite supposedly being decommissioned.Inside, she sees Leet Brannis overseein production of another orb of the chemical. Outside, Jarvis sees a truck pull up. He radios Carter and the blaring transmission alerts Brannis and the other scientist to her presence. She uses a type of ray gun on the scientist then chases Brannis to a waiting truck. She's ready to fire when he flings open the doors and reveals hundreds more orbs.He has the same red scar that Colleen's murderer has and uses a device that people with their voice boxes removed used to talk. He warns her that Leviathan is coming.He tosses an orb to the ground and drives off as the noxious gas spreads. Carter runs for it, calling Jarvis for a ride. He's very put out to be shot at but speeds on until Peggy can leap onto the roof.They clear the plant just before the entire thing detonates, with flames ikcing the car's bumper. The car is pulled backward by the force and the fire quickly swirls and sucks in everything around it.At SSR, Thompson has heard word of an angry blonde in Spider's office before he was killed. They have footage from the club photographer. They're interrupted by a call that Roxxon blew up, and the building is gone.At the diner, Jarvis sets out to look for the word Leviathan in Stark's files. Carter notices Angie's boorish customer groping her and, when no one is looking, Carter uses a well-placed fork to encourage him to find somewhere else to eat.Outside, Jarvis talks to Howard Stark on the phone from his car where he's watching Carter. "You're quite right, Ms. Carter's an excellent choice. I don't think she'll have any suspicions at all," Jarvis says.

Directed by Louis D'Esposito  

Starring Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham, more...

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