Bridge and Tunnel

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Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, USA, 2015, 41 min.

Synopsis In the diner, Angie notices Carter looking for an apartment in the classifieds and mentions one open down the hall from her. But Carter sees her former roommate Colleen's obituary and worries about putting another friend at risk.She goes to one of Stark's houses for a place to stay. Jarvis has found nothing on Leviathan and her efforts to track men with their voice boxes removed haven't turned up anything either. Carter wants to track down the milk truck that Leet Brannis drove off in. Jarvis tries to insist on going with her, bu she declines.Meanwhile, Missing Voice Box No. 1 types on his long range typewriter and is direct to Stark Technologies. His unseen master tells him Leviathan is growing impatient.Later, using note cards, Missing Voice Box No. 1 questions a man about Leet Brannis and Nitramene. The man, who is held in place by a knife through his hand, directs him to Geno DiLucia. The man shoots his victim when he's done.The next morning, Carter goes to Daisy Clover Dairy Farm as a health inspector to scan for Vita rays. When she comes up empty, the boss says an employee named Sheldon McPhee has been out sick for two days and has the truck at home.Meanwhile, at SSR, the entire contents of Roxxon chemical are brought in on the back of a flatbed. Dooley thinks Howard Stark is behind it.At the office, Carter gets an address for Sheldon McPhee. She drops by Daniel Sousa's desk as he gets the photos from her night at Spider's club.Krzeminski interrupts Sousa for help dismantling the Roxxon wad. Sousa locks the photos in his desk. Carter calls Jarvis and warns him to get rid of Stark's car, saying it will be teeming with Vita rays and the SSR is looking into Roxxon.Thompson and Dooley pay a visit to Mr. Jones (Ray Wise) the head of Roxxon chemicals, who tells them Stark tried to buy the refinery recently. He tells them about Stark's molecular nitramene and its connection to vita radiation.Back at SSR, Carter waits for the office to empty then tries to pick the lock on Sousa's desk. She crawls away when he returns, then Dooley calls to send her looking for the Vita radiation detector.When she brings it to Roxxon, Dooley tells her to use it on the female employees. First she heads to the bathroom and scans herself and then tosses the wrist watch that sets it going crazy.Later, she and Thompson scan the Roxxon employees and Carter is stunned to see the second scientists from the plant -- the one she zapped with some sort of ray gun (and who didn't see her). His name tag says "Van Ert." The detector comes up with nothing, so Carter suggests they check the clothes the men wore to work. Van Ert takes off.As Dooley and Thompson chase after him, Carter coolly asks Mr. Jones for a shortcut, then cuts off Van Ert and takes him out with a briefcase.Back at SSR, Dooley tries to get Miles Van Ert to talk. When he doesn't, Thompson is left alone to beat on him.At the diner, Angie gives Carter a description of the apartment near her and doesn't understand when Carter declines. Jarvis picks Carter up to drive to Sheldon's place in New Jersey.Back at the station, they're getting nowhere following up Leet Brannis, who Dooley is sure is the connection to Howard Stark. Sousa gets the address for Sheldon McPhee.Meanwhile, Missing Voice Box No. 1 gets the location of the nitramene buyer.Jarvis and Carter arrive at Sheldon McPhee's remote house and Carter finds the milk truck full of nitramene.Carter sneaks up on Sheldon inside and tosses the giant man around. She's handcuffing him to a chair when she hears the milk truck starting outside and finds Leet Brannis trying to start it.Carter is annoyed to find Jarvis still there. He disabled the truck. Carter holds a gun on Brannis and asks him about Leviathan, his former employers. Brannis wants protection to tell them what Leviathan actually wanted from Stark.Jarvis goes to check on McPhee and finds he's escaped.Carter holds a gun on Brannis as he drives the milk truck full of explosives into town. They're driving through woods when Missing Voice Box No. 1 jumps out onto the truck roof and starts firing.Meanwhile, Thompson and Dooley are driving up to McPhee's place when they see him running down the road with the chair he's handcuffed to hanging behind him. They find it suspicious.Carter climbs on the roof of the milk truck and takes on the quiet man, who fires down into the truck again, hitting Brannis. He slumps at the wheel, knocking an orb of nitramene loose.With McPhee in the back of their car, Thomspon and Dooley ask who cuffed him.On top of the truck still careering down the road, Carter sees a sign for a cliff and sharp turn ahead. She shouts at Jarvis inside to grab Brannis and jump free, then she stakes the man to the roof with a knife through his hand. When the truck goes straight, Brannis, Jarvis and Carter jump to the road, leaving the man to go off the side with it as the explosives crash into the water below. There's a blinding light and trees are sucked into the blast.Brannis is fading after the jump from the truck. Carter tries to get more info on Leviathan, but Brannis' voice speaker is busted. He draws something in the dirt, a symbol that looks like a heart shape with a line through it. Then he dies. When Carter hears sirens, she rubs out the symbol and she and Jarvis make their exit.Dooley, Thompson and Krzeminski find Brannis by the side of the road, and woman's footprints. Sousa finds a room key to the Hotel Cosmopolitan.Back at Stark's house, Jarvis stitches up Carter where a bullet grazed her leg. Jarvis points out how lucky she is that he didn't take her order to leave. She tells him people near him get hurt. He points out that no one is strong enough to carry the world on their shoulders alone. When she suggests Steve Rogers was, Jarvis points out that he relied heavily on her. His point is taken.Later, Carter goes with Angie to meet her new neighbors at the women's dorm. But first she has to interview with Miriam. When asked how long she sees herself working at the telephone company, Carter dutifully replies only until she finds a suitable husband. Miriam tells her the rules: no drinking, curfew is 10 p.m. and no men are allowed above the first floor.At the office the next day, the agents are looking at the photos from the club, but are fixated on a man they think is Joe DiMaggio. There are no clear shots of the blonde's face (Carter).Down in the garage, Krzeminksi peels another piece off the hunk of rubble, steel and wood from Roxxon. He finds a license plate -- the one from the car of Stark's that Jarvis was driving.

Directed by Joe Russo  

Starring Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, Shea Whigham, more...

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