Tased and Confused

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Comedy, USA, 2013

Synopsis Chelsea has arranged for a writers' weekend retreat to Cabo San Lucas, about which all the writers are excited. The one exception is Heather, who has an important conflicting engagement, and Chelsea refuses to change the date of the retreat. Heather decides to ditch her previous engagement to go to Cabo. Chelsea ultimately downgrades the weekend to another locale, so Heather tries to make the best of the slightly worse situation. But subsequent further downgrades by Chelsea leads to Heather making more changes of her own. Heather may wonder if the weekend is ultimately worth ditching her original engagement. Meanwhile, a discussion amongst the writing staff on the dangerous feeling in the dark parking garage brings out an unexpected expert in personal safety: T.J. While Jen initially balks at T.J.'s assertions that she needs to be more vigilant in her own personal protection, Sarah is mildly turned on by this new vision of T.J. So Sarah is quietly excited when she receives what she believes is a date request by T.J. to which she agrees. Sarah may always wonder if their encounter was truly a date. And Chuy asks Chris to help him get fit. Chris and Jiffy have more fun watching Chuy trying to work out than helping him. But Chuy may appreciate those watching eyes when an incident occurs in the gym.

Directed by Johnny Milord  

Starring Chelsea Handler, T.J. Miller, Chuy Bravo, Sarah Colonna, Chris Franjola, more...

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