How Chelsea Got Her Groove Back

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Comedy, USA, 2013

Synopsis Chelsea is in a bad mood since she is horny, but refuses to masturbate to relieve her sexual frustration since she doesn't believe in masturbation. Since Chelsea's relationships with celebrities have all ended disastrously, the writers convince her that she should have a sexual dalliance with one of the crew members to relieve her sexual frustration. The person they collectively choose is Andy, one of the assistant directors. Chelsea refuses to approach Andy herself, so her staff have to arrange for Andy to come to a party at Chelsea's house. The process of getting Andy to the party ends up being more satisfying than the planned end result, but that satisfaction is for people other than Chelsea. Meanwhile, Brad has forgotten his ID at home and Robbie, the security guard on duty, won't allow Brad onto the lot without that ID. Rather than go home to get his ID, Brad does whatever he can to get onto the lot, which leads to Brad's day of misadventures. And the writers all line up for the free massages at the studio they believe the studio brass and/or Chelsea have arranged, especially as those that have already received massages believe this masseuse gives the best massages ever. The writers end up learning more about the masseuse by the end of the day.

Directed by Johnny Milord  

Starring Chelsea Handler, T.J. Miller, Chuy Bravo, Sarah Colonna, Fortune Feimster, more...

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