I've Been Quinn

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Drama, 2014

Synopsis This story revolves around a man, singer-songwriter John Quinn (John Mueller) who is released from prison after a three year stint for killing a man while driving under the influence of alcohol. After receiving a letter from Bill T. (Darren Anthony Thomas) to audition for an appearance on the television show, AboveGround, Quinn is forced to deal with his past and must decide, with heavy pressure from his wife, Frankie (Amy Landon), if he still wants to perform again. Also Jaki' (Andrea Martinez) must decide if she can face the world clean and sober with or without Bill. And Austin Lee (Peter McGlynn) creates pressure for Bill T. when he reports Bill's activity to the Record Company CEO, Alex Getti.

Directed by Eric Smith-Gunn  

Starring Erik Flores, Amelia Rose Logan, Darren Thomas, Peter McGlynn, John Mueller, more...

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