A Woman of Affairs

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Drama, USA, 1928, 98 min.

Tagline Love-mad escapades...noble passions!

Synopsis Sleek, elegant Diana Merrick falls in love with aristocratic Neville Holderness, but owing to his father's disapproval of her family's way of life, she and Neville are forbidden to marry. Living with a reckless enthusiasm, Diana finally marries her brother's friend, David Furness, unaware that he is a thief. On their honeymoon in France, learning that the police are after him, David kills himself, and Diana sets out to repay the victims of her husband's crimes. Returning after some years to England, she is too late to save her brother from his fatal alcoholism; and when Neville attempts to return to her, Diana turns him away, influenced by his father's attitude and the fact that he is married. Diana then drives her car into the tree beneath which she and Neville first declared their love, and dies.

Directed by Clarence Brown  

Starring Greta Garb, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone, Johnny Mack Brown, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., more...

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