A Question of Trust

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Synopsis Using the power of the Raqib Noor stone now in his possession, Rughal develops a machine that can locate Noor stones around the world. In Seville, Miklos creates a robot into which to download Blair, but Blair feels trapped and wants to return to the cyber world. Aleem has disturbing visions in which he sees himself being ostracised by the 99, and Rughal acquiring a new Noor stone in Kuwait City. Aleem and Fattah set off on a rescue mission, while Ramzi seeks out the Guardian to help Blair. In Kuwait City, Jassim and Qmasha, whose Noor stone makes them the Creative Twins, are under attack from Rughal's gang. Aleem and Fattah are no match for Rughal, and are barely saved in a last-minute rescue by Blair. As the Creative Twins join the 99 in Seville, Alex notices that something is not quite right with his friend Aleem.

Directed by Dave Osborne  

Starring Andrew Barbosa, Eric Boehm, Christa Clahone, Emily Coutts, Daniel Davis, more...

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