A New Kind of Love

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Comedy/Romance, USA, 1963, 110 min.

Synopsis Newspaper columnist Steve Sherman, sent to Paris by his publisher to cover the fashion shows, meets Samantha Blake on the plane. Samantha, who pirates fashions for a large New York department store, is accompanied by her boss, Joseph Bergner, and a buyer, Lena O'Connor. Steve and Samantha feel an instant dislike for each other: he because of her boyish haircut and superior air, she because of his boorish behavior and constant drinking. In Paris, Samantha is invited to the traditional St. Catherine's Day celebration when all the young unmarried girls pray for a husband. Caught up in the gala occasion, Samantha gets slightly intoxicated; and when St. Catherine, the patron saint of unmarried women, seems to give her advice, she goes to a leading beauty salon and emerges wearing a beautiful blonde wig. Lena, meanwhile, forlornly watches her beloved employer, Bergner, fall for Félicienne, the firm's French agent. Later Samantha is picked up by Steve, who does not recognize her, and she sustains his idea that she is a high-priced prostitute. Steve uses her fantasies as a basis for his new column, which is an instant success. By this time they are in love, and Steve eventually learns that his new "discovery" is really Samantha. Bergner and Lena finally are united when Félicienne characteristically leaves him and turns to her next conquest.

Directed by Melville Shavelson  

Starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Thelma Ritter, Eva Gabor, George Tobias, more...

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