A Call to Arms

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Documentary/History/Gainful, USA, 2009, 85 min.

Tagline The Anthrax Vaccine bodes evil for the American public

Synopsis The eyewitness story of the illegal U.S. and U.K. military anthrax vaccination programs, which is recommended by Montel Williams as the Must-See Documentary of the Year. Because of the vaccine's crippling and deadly consequences when incurable auto-immune disease and birth defects spread like wildfire through Gulf War veterans, your nation was compromised by a for-profit no-liability procurement system ruled by political fears & corrupt scientists. Watch this documentary to learn why you must stop illegal human experiments in the name of Homeland Security. By saving a veteran, you can save your own life.

Directed by Scott Miller  

Starring Michael Douglas, Linda Hamilton, Scott Miller, Melissa Mosich-Miller, Rick Otto, more...

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