To Thine Own Self Be True

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Comedy/Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Kelly continues to support Silver as she deals with Jackie's declining health, despite that she is conflicted about whether or not she can forgiver her mother for the life-long pain and abuse she caused to both her and Silver. Navid confronts Adrianna about her renewed drug use, but this time, she rudely tells him off for turning his back on her. Meanwhile, Harry and Debbie are surprised when Annie informs them she would like to invite Jasper over for dinner at their house. Despite Annie telling Jasper to be on his best behavior, the dinner proceeds very uncomfortably for everyone. Dixon, still alienated and upset with his entire foster family, especially Debbie over her handling of the Sasha situation, declines to join them, and instead teams up that night with Ivy and Navid to set a plan for Liam to tell Naomi the truth about Jen despite knowing that Naomi will not believe them, even with evidence. Elsewhere, Ryan and Jen's relationship is taken to a new level when he convinces her to go on a weekend camping trip. Also, Naomi and Jamie's secret romance is finally found out when Richard and his mother walk in on them in Richard and Jamie's dorm room which finally forces Naomi to come clean about her plans to get accepted into CU.

Directed by Mike Listo  

Starring Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne, Ryan Eggold, more...

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