Help Me, Rhonda

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Comedy/Drama/Romance, USA, 2009, 42 min.

Synopsis Annie and her parents rush to the hospital to find Ethan after his traffic accident. He's unhurt, but the driver of the car he hit, Rhonda, is in surgery. After the surgery, Ethan finds her hospital room, introduces himself and apologizes profusely for hitting her. Rhonda seems a little surprised and upset that Ethan does not recognize her, since they are in the same French class. Feeling embarrassed and guilty, Ethan returns to the hospital the next day with DVDs and snacks in attempt to get to know Rhonda. Eventually he decides to quit the school play, much to Annies chagrin, and spend every day after school with Rhonda. Ethan helps Rhonda get in and out of her bed and limp around the hospital hallways as they discuss "living for the day." After Ethan leaves, Rhonda quickly jumps out of bed to retrieve the TV remote from across the room. It's obvious that the limping and extra aches and pains are just an act to win Ethan's affections.Dixon and Navid meet at the Peach Pit and try to devise a plan to meet new girls. Christina sees them plotting and tells them to cut the act and just be themselves. She then invites them to a party at her friends house where Carolina Liar is playing. Navid meets a fellow Iranian girl named Nika at the party but Dixon decides its too soon for him to move on. Just then Silver shows up, freaks out a little bit, and eventually tells Dixon she loves him.At the cast and crew party for the school play, Adrianna tells Ty she is pregnant and that he is the father. Ty has nothing to say to her. The next day, he apologizes and says he talked it over with his parents and they would like to help. After meeting with his parents, Ty's mother presents Adrianna with a contract to sign, to take care of everything. Naomi reads through the contract for Adrianna and tells her it looks like a gag order: Adrianna is to go to New Mexico for the duration of her pregnancy, put the baby up for adoption and never discuss the events of her pregnancy with anyone. Adrianna realizes that Ty's parents aren't really interested in helping her at all; they just want to make sure that no one ever finds out their son impregnated a girl. Adrianna then goes to Navid and asks for his help. They broadcast a video announcement to the entire school in which she tells everyone she is pregnant, but doesnt call out Ty as the father. Instead she says, "There is no father, it was an Immaculate Conception."

Directed by Liz Friedlander  

Starring Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne, Dustin Milligan, more...

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