Idiots Are People Three!

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Comedy/, 2012

Synopsis We open with Jack watching a news report and seeing that Devon Banks has now joined the gay rights protest against Tracy and NBC.Liz tells Criss that she can't accept the money from Jack because he's her boss and was just to meet him. When he asks why she didn't want Jack to meet him, they get in a fight about her being embarrassed by some things about Criss. He ends up storming out to meditate.Devon comes to see Jack. Devon pulls out a laptop and shows Jack that he is in possession of far more offensive and insulting footage of Tracy doing standup. But he says his days of climbing the corporate ladder are over. All he wants is for Jack to help get his triplets into an uber-exclusive daycare.Kelsey Grammer helps Jenna and Kenneth take care of Pete. He doesn't seem happy that Pete is still alive. They want to get Pete back in his office without him knowing what they did. For that to happen he needs to be wheeled through the hallway. Kelsey decides to create a distraction by performing a one-man Abraham Lincoln production for the staff.Tracy says a few words at the rally for his new idiot organization: the National Association for Zero Intolerance (NAZI). He's upset that "American bigot" Liz won't talk to him. She tells him to wait for her in her office.Criss goes to see Jack in order to return his check. He doesn't want Jack to get in between him and Liz. Jack tells him he doesn't approve of him. Liz bursts in and tells him he has no right to meddle. Jack suggests that Liz end things with Criss right now. Liz contemplates the situation and decides Jack is probably right about his issues. He says "unbelievable" and leaves.Jack and Devon go to see a member of the preschool's board. He strongly implies that he'll help Devon's kids get into the school if they find a way to follow through on a unfulfilled donation Don Geiss pledged before he died.The Geiss foundation is run by Kathy Geiss. To get her to write the check, Jack and Devon have to introduce a new unicorn mascot for NBC.The idiots tell Liz their demands. Tracy wants her to recognize who they are as a community and apologize publicly. They've written her apology for her (on an Etch A Sketch).Devon tells Jack that even though he's out of the corporate game, his family isn't. Since Jack used all his favors to get his triplets into the preschool, the Banks boys will be well ahead of Liddy.Kelsey begins his play, which is full of inaccuracies.Liz starts to give her apology. She gets upset at having to praise idiots' contributions and begins ripping the idiots (though they don't understand her criticisms). But while she speaks, she notices Criss working at his hot dog truck. She understands that she needs him, and says, "I'm such an idiot." This receives huge applause.Pete is placed back into his office, and Kelsey heads back out for act 2 of the play.In talking to Tracy, Jack realizes that even though he didn't have the perfect upbringing himself, he still rose to the top. Outside, Jack asks Devon about his background. Devon went to the best schools imaginable, but Jack points out, "I beat you." He mentions that Liddy will catch up to his sons just like he caught up to him. Devon looks devastated.Jack sees Liz and Criss enjoying each other's company. He says he's putting Criss on "probationary approval."Kelsey walks into Liz's office and tells her something has happened to Pete. Pete is found with a bag over his head and a lingerie ad on his chest, and tries to blame Kelsey for his situation, but Liz disbelieves Pete because she thinks Kelsey was acting in his play at the time.

Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller  

Starring Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowska, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, more...

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