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Comedy/, USA, 2007, 27 min.

Synopsis Devon Banks visits the studio. Jack feels threatened by the younger competitor and tries to plan a live-show with fireworks to prove he still is the best in his business. When Jack finds out that Devon is gay and has a thing for Kenneth, he tries to make Kenneth to hang out with Devon to get informations about his ideas for new shows. Liz sees the Flower Guy on his way on church on a Tuesday. This worries Liz since she thinks it's weird to go to church on a Tuesday. Liz also has some trouble with Scott, who gets on her nerves, since there is no chance that he is going to leave her apartment soon. When Tracy has to make a DNA test for a paternity test, it turns out that he is a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.

Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller  

Starring Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowska, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, more...

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