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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, UK/USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis Open in the rubble of Margot's sneak attack on Navarro's team. Navarro and Ritter have survived, but there have been casualties. Heller and Davies watch the feed and the prime minister wants access to codes related to the drone programs. Heller agrees.An aide tells Davies about Heller's early-onset dementia.Heller meets with Jack. He asks Jack if he's confident his arms dealer contact can connect him to Margot. Heller gives to go-ahead, calling Navarro and telling him Jack is to receive permission for an unsupervised mission. Jack also requests Kate to be his partner. Navarro doesn't like it but he has no choice.Jordan tells Kate about her role with Jack.Margot's son Ian tells his mother the drones are good to go. He adds that he doesn't like what she did killing Naveed in front of Simone.Margot listens to a message on Naveed's phone and is concerned he may have told his sister Farah something about their plan. She tells Simone to pay Farah a visit and "do what needs to be done."Jack and Boudreau have an awkward conversation about Jack speaking with Audrey.Davies briefs his military leadership. He's called away for a call from Heller, who asks him to hold off on any operations for an hour while Jack works. After he hangs up his aide wonders whether he should place too much faith in Heller. In response he orders MI5 to follow Jack.Jack asks Kate about the situation with her husband. He tells him they're going after an arms dealer named Karl Rask. Jack's been working for Rask the past few years, but says the man will want to kill him. Chloe calls Jack with the plan: Jack will give Rask money he owes him through a bank account, and as soon as Rask logs on it will download a virus that will allow them to see any interactions he's had with Margot.Boudreau tells Audrey he met with Jack. He asks about her meeting with Jack.Boudreau gets a call from the deputy foreign minister of Russian who is at the embassy in London. He's just received the extradition paperwork on Jack which we know Boudreau forged. When Boudreau tells him Heller has rescinded the order, the minister wants an explanation. Boudreau tells him he'll get back to him later in the day.Jack tells Kate he'd been working on his own under Rask, eliminating some of his dangerous clients. But since he disappeared he thinks Rask will suspect he was the mole. His only option is to pretend another Rask employee, who is dead, was the leak and Kate was the CIA contact. The plan is to use Kate to confirm the story, but drug her so she cant be interrogated. This should give them enough time to get Rask to wire the money. Kate agrees to the dangerous plan.Jordan spots some inconsistencies with the code Kate's husband had been working on. He suggests running some checks but Navarro tells him to wait until they have more time.Simone meets with Farah, who clearly had no idea what her brother had been working on. Farah is there with her young daughter Yasmin.MI5 reports they spotted Jack putting an unconscious agent (Kate) into the trunk of his car. The feeling is that Jack has turned against the U.S., but Davies orders they handle it themselves rather than tell the Americans.Jack arrives at Rask's headquarters and is greeted by a hail of bullets. He tells Rask his story and says he has an agent in the trunk as proof. Unfortunately Rask says they have drugs which can counteract what Kate has been given, meaning they'll be able to question her.Belcheck is watching Jack and Kate from an adjacent rooftop, but Chloe reminds him not to intervene until they get Rask to wire the money.Simone tells her mother than Farah knows nothing. Regardless, Margot orders her to kill both Farah and Yasmin.Kate is woken and hung from the ceiling by chains. Rask's men begin asking her questions. She is tortured.Jack convinces Rask the money is on the up-and-up. A secure line is setup.The men torturing Kate pull out a drill. Before he can help her, Belcheck is knocked out by MI5.Literally the moment Rask is about to hit enter on the wire transfer, MI5 bursts into the room and begins shooting. A huge gunfight begins.When one of her torturers leave to check on the firefight, Kate is able to free herself by killing the other man.During the fight Jack manages to hit enter on Rask's computer. The virus is in his system and Chloe begins checking Rask's records. Jack apprehends Rask fore MI5 before being ordered to put down his weapons. Rask is able to turn the tables on an MI5 agent, grab a grenade and blow up himself and several agents. Jack is fine. Chloe finds a cell phone, which seems to be Simone's.Simone warns Farah that she needs to take her daughter and leave. Farah panics and starts dialing the police. In the ensuing argument Simone stabs Farah. Yasmin sees this and runs off. Simone chases her and is hit by a bus.We see Navarro calls someone and tells them about Jordan snooping around Kate's husband's records. He is clearly behind something.

Directed by Omar Madha  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Yvonne Strzechowská, Tate Donovan, Mary Lynn Rajskub, William Devane, more...

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