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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, UK/USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We open with Jack telling Chloe he's inside the embassy. She helps guide him to Tanner so he can get the flight key from his drone. Chloe snaps at Julian for causing this problem in the first place.Kate and Ritter tell the Marine in charge they are looking for Jack, who they think is headed for Tanner.Jack is able to get to Tanner. He knocks out Tanner's guard and tells Tanner he believes he is innocent and that the same technology will be used in a huge terrorist strike that day in London. He convinces Tanner to trust him and Tanner tells him the flight key is on his guard. Jack escapes just before the Marines arrive.Kate and Ritter join the Marines as they search the embassy for Jack.Jack is unable to exit the building, so he begins looking for the embassy's secure communication room.Margot is told Yates' override device will be ready within the hour. Navid is set to be the pilot.We see Navid and Simone in bed together. He tells her he's conflicted by the operation, but she says he doesn't have a choice. He wants them to leave together and has a plan for them to sneak out during a supply run. He manages to convince her to join him.Kate updates Navarro on what's going with Jack. They aren't sure what he's up to.Jack gets into the communications room. He orders everybody to one side of the room and begins sending the flight key to Chloe. But it is encrypted and needs to be unencrypted on his end Julian sends Jack a piece of software that will take care of it, but we see that it will take some time. To by himself more time Jack has one of the women from the room open the door. Jack shoots two of the Marines in their body armor and yells that he has hostages.Margot and Simone talk. She tells him of Navid's desire to leave and begs her mother not to hurt him. She tells Simone she'll do whatever is necessary to get control of the drones.During Heller's speech Boudreau gets a call from Navarro updating him on what's happening with Jack and his hostages. This means Navarro will no longer be able to keep Jack's presence a secret.Chloe tells Jack the upload will take 20-30 minutes. A Marine calls Jack and he tells them if they make a move on the room he'll kill the three people in the room. The Marines are planning to go in soon.Kate and Ritter talk to Tanner. He tells them he'd never met Jack before and that he told him about a terrorist plan. After the conversation Kate tells Ritter she thinks the story makes sense. Ritter isn't so sure.Heller finishes his remarks to Parliament and receives some decent applause. Afterwards Boudreau takes him aside and updates him on Jack and the embassy. Heller says he won't make any decisions without speaking to Jack.Having been told what they were up to, Margot gives Navid one more chance. She wants him to promise he'll pilot the drones. He refuses and she orders one of her men to cut one of Simone's fingers. Navid changes his mind so she'll stop.Kate asks the marine in charge of the Jack situation if she can talk to Jack. He does not give permission so Kate calls Navarro. Navarro can't overrule them but tells her Heller will be reaching out to Jack shortly and he'll make sure she's patched in.Heller calls Jack and asks him what's happening. Jack tells him about Yates and the drones possible use in a terrorist attack on London. He tells him about uploading Tanner's key and asks for 15 minutes to show him the evidence.Boudreau tells Heller that Jack broke Chloe out of jail. He thinks the terrorist threat is a cover for releasing more date for Chloe's organization. Boudreau reminds Heller of some of Jack's recent activities and this convinces Heller not to give Jack any extra time.Chloe asks Julian if he knows of a way they can help Jack convince the government he's telling the truth. He's no help.The Marines prepare to go into the room where Jack is uploading the info. It sounds like Jack will be targeted.Kate tries to convince Navarro that Jack might be telling the truth and they could lose a great chance at stopping a terrorist attack. He says he can't help. Kate decides to enter the room via an air vent.Audrey and Boudreau argue over what's happening with Jack. She thinks he has a personal agenda and is certain Jack is telling the truth.The camera feeds are cut, meaning Chloe can no longer help Jack. She thinks he needs to surrender. Instead his plan is to buy as much time as possible.The Marines spot Kate head signal heading for the room. Ritter asks them to give her time to speak with Jack but they say no.Kate tells Jack she believes him and is unarmed. He tells her he has less than five minutes left on the upload. She offers to finish the upload if he surrenders. Chloe thinks Jack should listen.The door is blown and Kate tells the men that Jack is in her custody. She places Jack in cuffs, tells Ritter to get Navarro on the phone. The Marines stand down.Yates's machine comes online. Margot tells her assistant to look for the ten most heavily-armed drones closest to London. With they've been selected Navid will step in and pilot them.

Directed by Adam Kane  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Yvonne Strzechowská, Tate Donovan, Mary Lynn Rajskub, William Devane, more...

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