Day 8: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with Dana attempting to leave CTU, but is stopped by security. She is unable to talk her way past security. Chloe has found the car with Hassan on video but they realize it is gone.President Taylor updates Kayla and Dalia on the situation with Hassan. She meets with Novakovich and tells him they are following a lead on Hassan but won't divulge the lead. He tells her if Hassan dies the peace agreement will be in disarray. Taylor suggests that perhaps he wants the agreement to fall through.Walker tells Chloe about someone inside helping the terrorists. Chloe gets the incrypted cell data from Jack.Dana meets with Hastings and gives him a bogus reason she needs to access his work station. She works on clearing herself out of the building.Walker tells Hastings what is happening with the possible accomplice. They see the NSA phone issued to Dana called Faroush.Dana tries to leave CTU but her name pops on the screen at the last minute. She begins firing on security guards and makes her way to the parking garage. Hastings tells a stunned Cole what is happening with Dana. He takes off to help. Dana shoots her way to a car but Cole takes out one of the tires and she is apprehended. Hastings wants to know the location of Hassan, but Dana says she needs to speak with Jack.Cole tells Hastings the name Dana gave him (Jenny Scott) and that she had been involved with a felon in her past. Cole doesn't reveal what he and Dana did and Hastings orders him to debrief.Jack arrives and they realize Dana must have had help to infiltrate CTU. Dana tells Jack she knows all about the plan for Hassan, and wants immunity and compensation for the information. She implies that Hassan will be dead in a half hour. He grabs her by the neck and she says Hassan will be forced to make a statement before being executed. Jack says he will take her demands to Taylor.Jack doesn't think it is all about money with Dana. She must be hiding something.The car with Hassan arrives at a guarded apartment building. A groggy Hassan is brought to Samir. Samir tells Hassan he served under him when he was a general. Samir asks why he turned his back on Kamistan. Samir thinks Hassan is surrendering to the west, Hassan believes he is strengthening the county. Hassan asks Samir to put his faith in him "once again," which is answered by a smack across the face. Samir says Hassan must apologize to his citizens and renounce the peace agreement. Hassan says he will never do it, at which point the torturing begins.Taylor signs the agreement for Dana and visits with Kanin. He tells her the doctors are still running tests and she fills him in on the situation with Hassan and Dana. Kanin says if Hassan is replaced there is no chance for a peace agreement.Arlo and Chloe discuss Dana's deception. Cole works on his statement and Hastings tells him that Dana is being provided with immunity. Cole is livid. Hastings tells Cole that Jack wants him on the team he is assembling to rescue Hassan.Dana tells CTU about Samir, his background and his remaining security team he has with him at the building. She's not sure which apartment he is in, but tells them there are families living in the building and Samir may use them as human shields.The torture of Hassan continues. Samir threatens to remove pieces of his body if doesn't read the statement. Hassan still refuses. Samir orders they begin to set-up the internet feed. He plans to tell the world of Hassan's "crimes" and then "carry out the sentence."Taylor updates Kayla and Dalia on Hassan's situation. Taylor tells them she cannot guarantee he will be saved.Taylor is told the Hassan feed is up on the internet. She watches as Samir begins to read-off Hassan's crimes.Based on the video, Chloe is able to determine they are in an East facing apartment on the fourth floor. Hastings tells Jack they believe Hassan will be killed after the "crimes" are read. Jack briefs his team about the mission to grab Samir. Jack asks Walker to join him on the assault team.Jack's team makes its way into the apartment building while Samir continues to list Hassan's "crimes." They find the apartment and enter quietly, moving past a young girl and her mother. Jack enters a hidden room through a closet and Walker kills the mother when she tries to go for a gun. Jack pops into a room and kills every guard in the room. But the video keeps playing, and Jack realizes it was taped earlier. They turn and see Hassan with his throat slashed.Taylor watches as Hassan is murdered and begins to cry. She breaks the terrible news to Kayla and Dalia as the episode ends.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anil Kapoor, Annie Wersching, Mykelti Williamson, more...

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